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How To Get Best Quality Food Vitamin


There are several different types of supplements and vitamin companies. Many of them make their materials out of synthetic materials and mark down the prices. Not all supplement companies are the same and therefore it makes it so much more important that each person looks for a good quality food vitamin. A good quality food vitamin means that the vitamin is derived from whole food sources and are not made in a lab or are synthetic. There are a few steps to take in order to find out if your food vitamin is a pure form and a good quality to take. 

Step 1

The first thing to do is research the company. You can find a lot about a company but reading their labels. Looking at their sources of where their ingredients are from. If they are using one synthetic vitamin for their food vitamin than other materials are synthetic as well. One of the most common forms of a synthetic vitamin is vitamin E. The synthetic form is DL-Tocopherol. A pure form of vitamin E does not have the L after the D. 

Step 2

The next thing to do is call the company and ask them for their research. You can ask them where they find their sources from and how to do they extract their vitamins for their food vitamin. They should be using whole foods and best if they are organic sources. You can also ask them if they have their own farms, or contract out. 

Step 3

To be sure that the company carries a good food vitamin ask them about their quality policies and if they have any kind of affiliations with any organizations. The Good Manufacturing Practices ensures that they can't just put anything into their supplements. 

Step 4

The next thing is you can ask for quality reports from the company and how they test their materials to be sure they are pure. This kind of follows their quality standards. A good food vitamin shouldn't contain any kind of pesticide residue, herbicide and should be followed with strict guidelines. There shouldn't be any kind of wavering when it comes to their quality. The company should be willing to pass on this information. If they are unwilling or seem weary it is a big sign that they don't want to show their quality to others and they should be. 

Step 5

The last thing is to make your final decision on which food vitamin you want to use on your family or for yourself. You will notice a difference with a good quality supplement with in 24 hours if not sooner. Since some people can be a little sensitive to other materials that are put in the vitamin to keep it formed it is always best to eat something with it. Even something as small as an apple or banana would be good. 


Some common things to remember with a good food vitamins are:

  • You should notice a difference right away
  • Eat something small with it
  • Only take the recommended dosage, but can reduce it if needed
  • Keep documents on the company you chose for future references 

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By Juanita E., published at 02/28/2012
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