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With the problems the companies had since the beginning of financial recession in 2008, managers understood the importance of human resources work, so now they are more concerned about training their own employees instead of finding experienced employees on the market with some high expenses.

Step 1

However, the development of an employee within the company is not only the responsibility of human resources work, as the employee has to try to develop his skill through own training. However, the employee must be challenged in this way. Usually, the employees are looking for comfort and routine, especially if the developing and promoting perspectives within the company are not so great. However, the HR department needs to motivate those employees for challenges and developing, and this implies advanced human resources work.

Step 2

The employees have to address to a reality that exists within the company with the help of human resources work. Instead of trying to see new opportunities outside the company, they will have to focus on doing a great job currently. From this point of view, the company needs some solid human resources work, and a good benefits package in order to convince the employees about the possibilities they have within the company.

Step 3

As a HR responsible, you will have to implement those human resources work ideas within the organization. Do not worry, as you can attend several courses for such human resources work. Those courses have as a purpose an improvement of the satisfaction of employees.

Step 4

The human resources work courses are addressed to the specialists and HR experts that are interested in implementing this human resources work in the companies they already manage, but also to junior HR officers that want to enlarge their horizons. The managers can now understand that the success of a company depends on smart management of HR, and on the satisfaction of the employees. 

Step 5

However, if you want to participate to a course for this kind of human resources work, you will need some basic abilities and a minimum mathematic skill, allowing you to understand the graphics and charts that will be presented.


Step 6

At the end of this training, the Hr officers will be able to apply this kind of human resources work within their companies. They will be able to define the process, to conceive and apply the questionnaire, and to process the obtained data through advanced human resources work

Step 7

Once the conclusions are issued, they must be presented to the manager of the company, and the manager and the HR responsible have to establish a development strategy for the company.


Step 8

This concept is based on a simple principle. As long as an employee is hired within your company, he or she is supposed to have the necessary skills to become a really productive employee. However, because of the reduced opportunities within the company, those employees will slowly lose their motivation. From this point of view, it is the responsibility of the HR department to create a good environment and to highlight the motivational factors for the employees, and if those factors don’t exist, the HR officers and the manager of the company have to create them.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/26/2012
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