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Various Jobs in Human Resources


Different professionals in human resources (HR) department perform a number of essential duties within an organization, like hiring new employees, also ensure that workers are fairly paid, and communicate with the management for different policies and labor relations. On the other hand, individual employee needs to fulfill all the human resource duties in a small company, as there are typically many dedicated jobs for human resources within larger companies.


Hiring managers, trainers, specialists for benefits and payment, and managers for labor relations are some of the different human resources jobs in larger business organizations. As human resources involve many departments, each of them involves several staff members that are selected after proper recruitment process. These staff members usually report to the managers, supervisors, and the directors of human resources.


Director: In any organization, one person holds the full authority on policies, pay rates, hiring procedures and benefit plans, and to whom all the employees and subordinates in all human resources jobs typically report. That person is the director of the organization, who is responsible to create new human resources job when required, and evaluates the different human resources departments. For the success of the business, he actively coordinates with the management, and company supervisors, and also ensures that every employee is treated fairly.

Hiring Managers: Hiring process and assignment of work to the new employees is the duty of hiring managers. It follows a proper recruitment process, in which the hiring managers first determine that there is need for new workers within the organization and thus give appropriate advertisements and operate the job booths, and get the list of applicants and conduct interview of selected applicants. After frequently conducting the interviews, they decide what work should be assigned to the new employees.

Trainers: It is necessary that an organization must have very productive and skilled teams in order to be more progressive and get a high fame in the market. This is ensured by the trainers. They make sure that both new and existing employees are the productive team members and have all the required skills for the organization progress. They provide help in ongoing training to existing employees so that they can fully understand their tasks. They also give instructions to new employees about the business strategies, measures and policies, and how should they use the equipment. Employees and supervisors give feedback to the trainers about their satisfaction with efficiency of the training methods. If they are not satisfied, and want some change, trainers adjust the training techniques and procedures accordingly.

Specialists: This is the most essential job in human resources as it’s related to maintaining compensations, and benefits. Compensation specialists ensure fair pay rates are applied depending upon the company resources and pay scales used in other similar companies. They also make sure that all employees are given right salaries based on their work and accordingly determine when it is necessary to give raises, promotions, or job cuts. While these specialists have the responsibility to manage different plans and programs for the benefit of employees, like pension plans and health insurance. Administrative paperwork is also one of their duties in which they properly speak and negotiate with employees for doing changes in the benefit plans.

Labor relations managers: Their duty is to handle the complaints of employees related to pay, working environment and conditions, disputes and quarrels with other employees and management, and also defines new business policies and contract agreements. They try to resolve the issues between both parties as soon as possible, in a cost efficient manner. This is achieved by discussing the issue and finally come to an agreement which is fully acceptable to everyone.

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Jobs is human resources are often highly paid but at the same time they are critical for any company. People can easily lose their jobs if they don't come up to the expectations.

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