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Among all professions in the market today, human resource is one of the most preferred professions. It is growing day by day. In this particular field, the people, who get degrees in this profession, have a secure job in this particular field. Although, some jobs in this profession do not need specific degree, but you will get a job easily, if you have at least a bachelor’s degree. There are many hot issues in human resources management like any other job professions. It is important for people related to this field to know and understand these issues.


Degree requirement
One of the major issues in human resources management is having a degree in this profession. It is very important in order to even get an entry level job in human resource. A degree is very important for any human resource management job. When you get a degree in this profession, it is also suggested that you have to get a certification in SHRM, so you will be highly qualified and best for any position in human resources management. It will enhance the impression of your resume, when an employer gets to see this certification in your credentials, he will definitely prefer you. Employers also prefer someone that has more qualification in this field.


Another issue, which is very crucial in human resources management, is the legislation. There are various factors involved in this. It is important for all the persons related to human resource to know about all the laws of human rights, sexual harassments, equal employment opportunity, and work place safety and employee privacy. It is a fact that most executives of a company do not know about these laws, but some officers such as human resource manager and workers need to be aware of these issues. It is necessary for them to know how these issues can affect the workplace. These are major issues and should be in the mind of a human resource executive. Some changes have been made in the laws that relate to human resource management. The people are confused and question about, whether these changes are made by federal or state. It makes retention and recruitment more complex, as there are more federal regulations than the state.

Tips and comments

Lack of jobs
One of the big issues that people face these days is the lack of jobs in human resource field. Due to economical crisis, many people are losing their jobs. Lack of jobs will reduce its value in the market. The tasks of the human resource manager will rise, since he will be responsible for making sure that all the employees are placed in their right place and according to their job description and also they are doing their work specifically. The request to ionize the human resources management was made in 2000, while the revision of ISO 9001 was made. It also requested for the human resource manager to clearly define the positions of all the employees. It causes controversy, as not all the employees want to be ionized.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/27/2012
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