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6 Tips You Must Know About Training Human Resources


You should develop the training capabilities in your employees as it leads you to the benefits for your organization. You can increase the effectiveness of your internal training if you teach the employees to train them. Employees are familiar with the good and bad working experience of the internal organization. Employees should be aware of the culture of organization, goals of the organization, strength of your company, weakness of your company and the actual employees. In this way, the advantage is given to the employees over trainer who needs to learn the culture, strengths, weaknesses and the people of the company.

Step 1

Training Human Resources is not a difficult task to do. You should train the HR at work. Employees like to develop the knowledge without leaving the tasks that are assigned to them. The first step is Mentoring. It is win-win relationship for all types of parties. Mentoring is a power-full kind of training Human Resources. You can contribute skills, experience and wisdom to the mentored employees. It would increase and expand the development of employee.

Step 2

Second step of training Human Resources is Periodic In-House Training from Internal or External Resources. Internal job training is a good way to train the employees and build team, when you are developing the internal staff; involving external consultant, an internal manager or HR staff person. Training Human Resources can be done by a consultant or an internal provider. They are the persons who know about the goals, languages, and culture and workplace norms.

Step 3

Third step in training Human Resources is to implement a Book Club at work. This is a club in which the employees voluntarily read the same book. You can double the impact of the book on job training; by combining the book reading with a scheduled meeting which is regularly arranged. One employee leads the discussion about the week’s assigned chapters. In this way you can magnify the development of the employees with a book club.


Fourth step of training Human resources is to Require Employees who Attend External Training to do Job Training. You should establish a company norm that an employee is expected for the magnification of the experience; if the employees attend the external training sessions, seminars and conferences. This way is very effective as it increases the development of the employees as well as introduces new ideas to the organization. This way is really a cost effective way; as if you attend the employee then it provides employee development for other employees.

Fifth step of training Human resources is the Promotions. You can train the employees by giving them the promotion. It is considered to be very power-full form of training. Promotion forces the employee to enhance his capabilities and grow or sink in that field. You can have employee development by promoting the employee with the appropriate mentoring and coaching.

Sixth step of training Human resources is to Transfer. It helps the employee to create a carrier path. Transfer gives the experience to an employee as you visit different areas of the current department or new department of an employee.

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