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What Are the Best Rental Car Companies?


Many cities across the world struggle to come up with adequate policies to streamline public transport. It is often unreliable, slow, noisy, dirty and overcrowded. This is however debatable depending on many people. You could walk, ride a bicycle, take a cab or even use the train. However, none of these options are much to your liking. The only option you have is to either remain where you are or rent a car. You have arrived in a new city, you do not have a car and you are not willing to take public transport. What do you do? My best bet is that you will enlist the services of rental car companies to move you from one point to another.

Step 1

Car rentals are becoming even more popular particularly among visitors. Car rentals are a fast and efficient way of manoeuvring through any city. They also offer that personal privacy. You may ask, what are the best rental car companies? The truth is that,it all depends on you. We are all different in a particular way. What you like is not necessarily what I like.

Step 2

This question can be answered may times with each producing a different answer. The best rental car companies can only be determined by what they offer their clients and what feedback is generated from them. Customer satisfaction is often used as a way to determine how good a rental car companies are.

Step 3

To me good car rental car companies offer their clients unique and distinctive features in their packages.

Step 4

To begin with, good rent car companies, provide their clients with good cars. No one wants to drive around in a smoking car that will struggle to do a few miles without breaking down. The mark of good rental car companies is efficient and reliable vehicles.

Step 5

Money is a scarce resource nowadays. Therefore, services offered by the best rental car companies should comparable to none but should also be pocket friendly. No one wants to pay more than is needed; everyone wants to pay for the best services at the lowest prices. For many people cost is at the top of their list. So if you offer cheap rental services you may as well be one of the best rental car companies.


In any high risk business, the need for insurance cannot be overemphasized. However careful you drive, other drivers may not be as cautious as you are and thus accidents are deemed to happen. Good rental car companies will offer adequate insurance policy for you, the car and any other persons that may be injured in case of an accident. Although it might come at an extra cost, an accident may cost you much more than the cost of insurance.

Cars like any machinery do breakdown. When they do repairing them can be a painstaking process. Roadside assistance should be available and a replacement should be provided if repairs take too long. Good customer support is critical if a company is to become one of the best rental car companies.

Sources and Citations

If a company meets these conditions it can be ranked as one of the best rental car companies. Enterprise, Hertz, National, Alamo and Budget have ranked to be the best rental car companies in the US.

By samque, published at 03/21/2012
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