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How To Define a Marketing Target


Target marketing is when you plan to choose a segment of society and market your products in a way that is appealing to that particular group. There are many target markets that you can aim for when selling your product or service. Target marketing make sure that your product or service is known by this particular group and looks appealing to them and hopefully makes them want to buy or use your service. Below is listed a few ways that you can define your marketing target so that you can get the best return on your marketing investment.


Step 1

Identify who your marketing target is. Let's say that you are selling wheelchairs. In this case you will likely gain your marketing at either disabled or elderly people. If you were to aim your marketing at teenagers you would likely not have a very high return. This shows the importance of target marketing and how it can either lead to the success of your business or the failure.

Step 2

Another option is to build a product based on who your target marketing is for. Let's say you want to tap into the young adult market. In this case making chandeliers is likely not a good idea since young adults are not as likely to purchase a product like this. You'd be better served by making college organizers so that your target marketing will be most effective. Knowing who your customers are very important to the success of a business.

Step 3

One way to reach your audience and make your target marketing effect is to place your marketing materials where people of your target market frequent. If you're target market is young adults that he might try placing ads in places such as colleges. If your target is the elderly then you should seek out places that they frequent as a way to reach them. You could also place your advertisements in places that almost everyone frequents. This will not only make your target marketing effective, but also reach a wider audience.

Step 4

Make your ads based on who your marketing target is. If you are targeting young people then you may want to consider making the ads hip and appealing. If you are targeting higher income individuals then you may want to consider make the ads more refined and professional looking. Know who your market is and this will make your target marketing is effective as it can be.

Step 5

Don't be afraid to change your marketing target if it is needed. There may come a time when you realize that your products are not selling to your initial target market. It is perfectly okay to take a step back and redefine who you're trying to sell. You may have to change some of your ads, but you'll make up for this loss when your sales increase. Be sure to tailor your new ads to your new target market.


Target marketing is one of the most successful ways to market and sell your business or service. Take the time to properly identify your marketing target and create ads that will be both appealing and professional so that they are likely to become customers. If your first marketing attempt does not work out, do not lose hope and simply try again. You are bound to eventually find out who you should be selling to and then you can direct all your target marketing towards this group.

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