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Everyone needs to pay their bills and they usually make bills payments either over the phone or by going straight to the place where the bill is due. However, there is a better way to make bill payments and that is by doing it online. Making bill payments online is really easy to do and there are a couple of ways a person can achieve this. Not only is it easy but it is more convenient and free to do so. When making bill payments online you can rest easy knowing your bills will be paid every time they are due.

Making Bill Payments On the Bill Website

The first way you can make bill payments online is by going to the website of the place where the bill is due and registering an account. All you need to register an account and to make your bill payments is your account number, phone number associated with the account, email address, name and address. Once you register a free account you can then add a credit or debit card to your account. Once this is done you will have an option to either have automatic payments taken out every time the bill is due or manually make the payment every month by going on the website and making a payment. The will send you email reminders when your bill is due so you will know for sure when a bill is due.

Making Bill Payments Though Your Bank

Another great way to make bill payments online is by registering an account with your bank. You can go on your banks website and register an account for free. You can then add different bills to the account and go on the bank website every time the bill payment is due to make the payment manually. You should also be able to have the payments taken out automatically so you won't have to go to the bank website and do this manually. However, you might want to do it manually in case you are only making a partial payment. You also have the option to have your bank website send you an email when a bill is due as a reminder.

Tips and Comments

Make sure the website is a secure website so you will be safe when adding your credit card or debit card to make the payment.

Your bank will always be safe to make a payment so you won't have to worry about that.

When making bill payments, make sure you add a credit card or debit card where there will always be money on it so you will not have to add another one at another time.

Online bill pay is the best way to make easy bill payments online. This is because it is so easy and convenient and you know your information is safe and secure, especially with your banks website.

Making bill payments online is better than paying by phone or going straight to the place where the bill is due. This is because bill payment over the phone costs money while bill payment online is free. Also, going to the place where the bill is due will cost you gas money you won't have to spend by making a payment online.

By Clarissa Wilson, published at 02/16/2012
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