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How To Make Online Payments

Published at 03/10/2012 23:33:19


While making online payments security is the most important issue that should be kept in mind in order to avoid ID theft, and to keep your personal information safe and secure. Now a days online payments service has different methods for you to make online payments without giving your credit card number. Companies which allow making online payments are  PayPal, Google Checkout and many bank services. A first step in making a online payment is to transfer money into an online account. This process will help you in making transactions without giving your bank account information or your credit card number. PayPal is one of the best known of these types of accounts. Many others are also included like online payments. You can also purchase online from different companies or you can donate money to charities. These companies work on a monthly subscriptions pattern.

Step 1

For your safety, it is essential that you not respond to any email message asking for your account details or password. A legitimate company will never ask for this information. Making your password as strong as you can will provide you more safety and will protect you from illegal online payments. As cyber theft is becoming very advanced day by day and hackers are getting better at sneaking into systems for information. For more safety, you should never give your original information in your password like your name, family names, nicknames, birthday, driver’s license, passport number, etc.

Step 2

Don’t use a dictionary or backward words for your passwords, Try to avoid sequences like xxx, 111, QWERTY etc. because they become very easy to hack. Best passwords have all characters like letters, punctuation, symbols and numbers. Try to make password of more than 10 characters, and try to utilize your whole keyboard for making a stronger password.

Step 3

The Internet now provides you the opportunity to check easily whether the vendor is secure and trustworthy for shopping or not. Different sites are available to help customers named as or BizRate where customers can easily check and determine if a company is legitimate or not. You can also check that web browser you using is secure or not by looking at the tiny closed padlock on either the lower right corner of the window or on the address bar.

Step 4

You should also keep check on updating your web browser as many browsers provide extended validation for secure socket layer certificates. This certificate will tell if the website is secure or not.

Step 5

All browsers have feature of warning users, if the website they are visiting is real or a reported phishing site. Software’s that detect these threats are named as Smart-Screen available in Internet Explorer 8 and Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7. Another sign for secure website is that it will turn green and closed padlock will be displayed with https.



Google Checkout was introduced in 2006 and is currently considered as a faster and most secure way to make online payments. If you are doing online shopping and there you see a Google icon by once clicking and signing into account you can make sopping easily every time you will enter in that online store.

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