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5 Tips To Find Out the Price Of a Video Game


When a new video game comes out it is often easy to know the price because many games come with the standard industry price of $59.99. But when a game has been out for a while or is from a little known publisher it can make the price find complicaged and then it is your job to make sure you are paying a fair price find. There are many places to price find so that you can be exactly sure you are paying for the worth of the game.


Step 1

Looking at online retailers is a great place to start and it takes little effort. Here you can search through their listing and see if price find are higher or lower than what you expected. There may be some games that are now called, "greatest hits" or "platinum hits" and these will often be set at the price of $19.99 unless the game is old enough to warrant a price reduction.

Step 2

You can also look at online auction sites to see what the going price for games is. On these websites you will often see the true value of a game because there is no standard set and the prices are reflective of what people are willing to pay for it. A caution to note though is that these price find may be made low due to sellers having the game in bulk quantities or the quality being low. It is best to make sure you have a money-back guarantee so that you can return the game if it is in poor condition.

Step 3

Searching local stores is also a great way to price find of a video game. Retailers that sell used video games can be browsed to get an idea of what a game is worth. A used video game will usually sell for less than their new counterparts. This price reduction often varies on the retailers standard price reduction for used games or may be influenced by the amount of that particular game that they have in stock. Beware that these are still retailers and they are trying to make a profit so the price find that you see may not actually be the true value of a video game.

Step 4

Looking to a local yard sale for price find is another way to see the value of a game. Here you can often find games for cheap since they are often not expecting people to come to their yard sale wanting to spend a lot of money. At a yard sale the age and quality of the game will often be a major factor in the pricing of the item. You can't compare a $3 game at a yard sale that is terribly scratched to a perfect condition store version for $19.99.

Step 5

Look at magazines that deal exclusively with video games as a way to see how popular the game in question is. If it is a major release that is going to wow the public then you can expect the full retail price of $59.99. If it is a little known release then you can probably bet you shouldn't pay that much for it. This gives you the knowledge you need to know if you are paying a fair price or way too much.


Finding the price of a video game is easier than it has ever been with the Internet at almost everyone's disposal. Here you can look up game prices from a variety of listings and compare them all to see what a game is really worth. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a game you should have no trouble finding its price so that you can know you are either buying or selling at the right price.

By Michael Banks, published at 02/20/2012
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5 Tips To Find Out the Price Of a Video Game. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.