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10 Amazing Tips For Priceline


Priceline is the mediator in between the consumer and the owner of hotels. In a way it is the facility which enables the hotel to sell their unused rooms at cheaper rates and in that way helps the consumer to achieve the rooms at a cheaper rate. While travelling to an unknown location people do know what they are looking for in any hotel but they cannot be sure which hotel to go for. Priceline intervenes here and helps them to get good rates for hotels and on the other hand the hotels which are offering rooms that are unused can be booked by Priceline.

Step 1

The main criteria bidding in the Priceline process is that everyone’s identity is kept anonymous. Here are some of the tips in order to strike the best deals in Priceline.

Bid as low as you can and how much you think is achievable. The websites will give you warnings that the bid is very low and so on. But the key factor in order to get a fair deal is to stick to the price you think suitable and in the end you will be sure enough to land up with a great deal.

Step 2

Be familiar with the bidding process and stick to your bid. The websites do not give away any secrets for bidding details. But a number of new websites have cropped up which give faint hints for the price factor and other information. But these may also be hoax websites hence one must look out for genuine ones.

This service has its own website but as is the case with many other websites, there are fake websites claiming to be that of Priceline and one should check the genuine nature of the original website.

Step 3

Priceline offers rooms which are not used by the hotels and hence the deals may strike at the last moments and so be prepared to travel at a short time notice.

One crucial factor is that when you bid the deal mostly clicks but they take the credit card number first only. Be careful while giving your credit card number. Hence there is no chance of a refund and one must be ready to make last minute changes.

Step 4

One important factor to keep in mind while booking through Priceline is that the rooms and hotel may be of the choice of the consumer but the flights and other factors depend entirely on the company’s choice. Hence it is always advisable to book much before time.

Hence all in all Priceline is a convenient and cheap way of booking your hotel rooms but we should be very careful while booking the hotels , keeping in mind all the factors affecting online booking


  • Priceline is a convenient way of dealing for booking hotel rooms but it is advisable to take care in providing your details to the genuine site.

  • Bid a low price and stick to it in order to get the deal throughdo

  • Do not bid quoting obscure prices

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