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Do You Know About Prices Hotel


Prices hotel industry has flourished a great in last few years. Hotels are establishments that provide paid lodgings for short periods. Hotel operations may vary in size, function and cost. Most hotels and major hospitality companies that operate hotels have widely set industry standards to classify price hotel types.
Based on the economical conditions of people these days, hotels are classified in two major groups:

  •  Low price hotels.
  •  High price hotels.

As the prices vary, so do their services and other hotel running objects like management, specialties, rooms, standards etc.


Low prices hotel usually have a limited number of management people. Occasionally it is seen that the manager is the whole and only leader. He is supposed to look after the room service, the kitchen, the security of the hotel and other departments. Where as in high price hotels there are standards and a separate department for each service provided. Each department is supervised by a separate and specialized in the field, manager. And all of the managers are supervised by a group of managers who are responsible for giving report to the MDs and CEOs.Generally it is seen that that the room conditions of low price hotels are not of such a high standard. Air conditioner is mostly absent but if there is one, it is allowed to be used for a limited time. On the other hand if we see at the high price hotels the rooms are of exquisite condition. All the rooms have ACs installed and working. No time limit is given for using the AC. The room service is exquisite. In some of very high price hotels even dedicated services are provided to rooms like chefs, service personals that are present for 24 hours service to the clients.High price hotels have other specialties except better room service like clubs, casinos, bars, pools, etc. they are provided as value added services to their customers. No extra charges are taken from the customers and they are allowed to facilitate with all these services within the room rent. On the other hand low price hotels do not provide these types of services to their clients. They only have provided with the lodging facility, the very basic requirement for a hotel.


High price hotels have branches all over the country so that their customers can enjoy the same facilities any where they travel. The customers are sure for getting their money’s worth each time they enter in any of the branches of high price hotels. Low price hotels have limited branches, sometimes only one or two, so that is why they cannot make permanent customers around the country.


Both of these two different price hotels have their pros and cons. At one place the quality of the service is compromised but the prices are very nominal prices. The people who cannot afford to live in high price hotels depend on these low price hotels largely. But still there are people for whom money is no object and they want no compromise on their standards of living, they prefer these high price hotels, and enjoy the different luxuries of life on the account of huge sums of money.

By Robert Chapman, published at 03/02/2012
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