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When it comes to buying a new car there are a number of choices that we need to make regarding the different aspects of the car. The key issue is the budget that we allot for the car and the price that we want to pay. The secondary issues might be the specifications of the car, which include the engine, accessories, handling, road grip and color of the car.

Step 1

When a person goes into the market in order to buy a new car, he might be very confused about the primary and the secondary issues that I discussed above.

Step 2

However, the secondary issues can somehow be negotiated. We can take the suggestions of our family regarding the specifications of the car or otherwise we can discuss with the friends. Furthermore, we can get the information about the specifications on the internet.

Step 3

There are many websites that give vast information about the specifications of the car and some also provide the videos. So, as I said these secondary items can be catered with less effort.

Step 4

The main issue is regarding the price that we want to pay for the required specifications. For a layman it is quite difficult to negotiate the best price for the car of required specifications. In the market every car dealer would be in favor of earning higher profits, in order to bypass it’s customer and contrary to it the buyer would be in favor of paying the least price for the required car, amongst all the suppliers, which would be the best price for the buyer.

A buyer is not supposed to mention the qualities of the car in front of the buyer, as this would depreciate his own negotiating power and this would compromise his conquest of best price. The buyer is supposed to visit the whole market in order to have an idea about the price of the required car.

Step 5

In this way it would be helpful for the buyer to negotiate for the best price of the car. The buyer should not be unaware about the price of the car. Otherwise it would not be possible for the buyer to buy a car at the best price, and the supplier would take a benefit of the unawareness of the buyer.


A primary fact that is to be considered by the buyer in order to negotiate a best price for the car is the behavioral and personality impact that a buyer would have on the seller. If a buyer would show a confident and stiff behavior, then it would make the seller realize that his customer is having certain information about the specifications and the price of the car.


This would be in the favor of the buyer, as the buyer will capture the mind of the seller and this will lead to the negotiation of the best price of the car.

Hence, the above discussion can be given due consideration in order to have a best price for the car one wants to buy.

By John, published at 02/11/2012
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