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Price Fisher is a toy manufacturing company situated in East Aurora, New York, founded by Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle in 1930. The three founders of Price Fisher combined their previous experience of manufacturing and retailing and started a toy manufacturing business in an era when America was facing a great depression. Their hard work and struggle rewarded them in International Toy Fair, when they first time brought 16 wooden made toys in-front of public. After getting merged with Mattel Inc. in 1933, Price Fisher became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel Inc. and soon in 1997, the acquisition of Mattel, Inc. with Tyco Toys, made the Price Fisher an umbrella brand of all Mattel toys and other products.


Price Fisher truly aimsto reach beyond expectations of their customers by providing a productive and learning environment to the children through its product and services. They believe it would help children to grow, learn and start their pre-schooling in better and conductive way.

Strength and Dignity:

From 1930-2011, Price Fisher has earned a great name and trust by providing valuable and quality toys to children. They have manufactured more than 5000 toys since 1930. Every time, Price Fisher seeks to produce unique and innovative toys for their customers with the help of variety of ideas, talents and enthusiasm of their employees. Price Fisher not only wanted to increase their market share by providing worthy products and services to its customers and stakeholders but they also aim to build confidence among their employees by encouraging and supporting them to look for new opportunities that may boost their as well as their family lives.

Work in a team

Today, Price Fisher is having nine functional teams i.e. Administration, Consumer Relations, Design, Engineering, Marketing, Marketing Communication, Marketing Analysis and research, Operations and Sales. Price Fisher has created a family and friendly working environment for its employees therefore the turnover rate is only 5%. Price Fisheris determined to work in a team, they have employed people from different races and they all are encouraged and motivated to share ideas and thoughts according to their caliber. Price Fisher appreciate embracing of unique ideas from every employee at their workplace as it helped them to compete in growing competitive world and it will also help them in taking proactive and reactive decision against the consumer changing demands and wants. Price Fisher does take care of versatility in lifestyles of their employee and therefore allow them to choose among wide range of packages to customize those benefits that satisfy their needs in true sense.

Work for welfare

Over years, Price Fisher has build a tradition of giving charities to the hospital’s children, especially to the children ranging from birth to six years of age by building parks, giving education, and arranging music and games for them. Price Fisher is also engaged in arranging events like Special Olympics, annual United Way. It has also build, explore and more Children’s Museum, Theatre for Youth, Buffalo Philanthropic Orchestra and Women and Children Hospital of Buffalo.

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