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In the construction of new houses or even renovating old ones, the task of choosing the components is a very major task. In cases of new construction one needs to make sure that all those elements that he gets installed are the right ones, quality wise and taste wise. In case of renovation the same thing goes but since most of the house hold elements will be changed, the new ones should differ from the old ones in order to show the renovated effect. There are many elements when one begins to construct a house or renovate it that need to be focused on, for example, the electric cables and units, the plumbing, the woodwork and the paint. These things are the main foundations of the house besides the actual building and walls. Plumbing is one the more important things as it is fitted into the walls and thus any alterations after the fitting is a very difficult and expensive task, hence it is best to use a trusted company in the plumbing department and Price Pfister is one of the best.


Price pfister was creater in 1910 in California. Emil Price and William Pfister were the ones that were responsible for the creation of this company. They began their entrepreneurial adventure by making a garden faucet. Later they grew to a large enough company as they had diversified their product line by catering to different kinds of other plumbing components like other faucets, plumbing and shower systems. Although this company was one of the top in the business in 2010 it was bought by Stanley Black and Decker and now they operate as a subsidiary of their cooperation.


Price pfister is one of the top companies for plumbing and other related accessories. There are two categories that have been defined for the Price Pfister company and that are bath and kitchen. In those categories come the different types of faucet that are available. In the kitchen there are accessories, entertainment, pull-down, pull-out, single control and two handle. These are the different types of categories in kitchen. In bath there are the same ones as in the kitchen with the addition of shower, valves, vessel and widespread. These faucets come in different designs and color variations. Chrome, nickel, bronze and brass are the main colors of the faucets that are available. In most places around USA Price Pfister is the leading brand for faucets and other accessories. The plumbing however has not been a strong suit of the cooperation instead they decided to improve their current market share. These products do come in different prices but the higher priced items compensate for the design and quality of the items. Price pfister has always been the leading faucet making company since its creation a hundred years ago.

Tips and comments

One thing that customers need to remember before buying their products is to browse through all their product designs and then choose. It is important to get those items only that will best suit the color scheme of the bath and the kitchen.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/24/2012
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