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the Reliability And Price Of T-1 Lines


T-1 is a special type of copper or fiber optic telephone line that carries more data than any traditional telephone lines. It is also called T-carrier line. It is a system of transferring digital signals 1.544 mbps (megabits per second). T-1 is large enough and has capacity of carrying both data and voice information. It is common in a family of high speed digital services and price specially invented for the Bell System.


How It Works?

The phone’s system and Internet connection merge at a modem and exit the building. The fiber optic line entering the building carries the digital data to the suitable public data and voice networks. The modem converts the analogy data to binary code (a series of zeroes and ones), which compresses the data and allows it to move along the Internet.

T1 is a digital service. It consists of 24 channels that are shared into a single data stream. These 24 channels can be used to supply a high speed Internet service. One can also specify "Integrated" voice and data service, where few channels are used for telephone calls and the remaining are used for Internet service on a single line. For mass downloading with a high level speed and price one can use this facility.

Commonly Used in

T1 is a high-speed digital line. It is commonly used by call centres, legal offices, insurance companies, universities, school districts, banks and credit unions. Internet service providers and companies with their own email servers and web are likely to find T1 service and price attractive.



T1 lines usually come with a type of service level agreement or SLA. SLA is a guarantee of minimum uptime which averages from 99.9% to 99.999%... Other guarantee includes maximum latency, minimum packet delivery, protection against chronic outages and price control. The reliability and price makes the T1 connection more suited for business difficult tasks. Financial problems in a business environment can be costly and even ruinous, if for an unlimited period of time, T1 lines will bear less downtime, as a result it is a better choice for business environments. In addition, the reliability provides itself to utilization of voice, data, and video transmissions, together with the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls.A T1 connection is a dedicated line; it overcomes the limitation, thus delivering greater reliability and regularity for the business, construction companies and banks Internet experience. Its effectiveness and price goes same.


It has the following features:

It is efficient, very fast, and commercial for your growing business.This connection is always on.More than one user can talk on the phone and use the Internet at the same time on one phone line.These users can download files at a high speed that will be good for your business objectives.


T-1 provides a high quality service and price. Its efficiency and price is above average than other connections. This connection is specially made for business setup for overcoming the load of multi-users. It is cost effective solution for business. It is much reliable and price wise high connection.

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