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What Is the Price Of Computers


The computers in the world today are becoming frenzy. More and more people are doing their jobs, social networking and researching with them. With the variety of laptops, tablets and desktop computers, it has become impossible for one to live without them. More people are shifting to the portable computers like the laptops and the recently introduced tablet computers. This is one of the greatest technologies to be discovered by man and as it develops, the computer price tends to come down. It has been proven that the longer the technology stays the more affordable it becomes. So, what is the computer price? The following will explain more on the computer price and the reasons behind it.


The brand name is a definite factor that determines the computer price. The name of the manufacture influences the price because of the history of reliability and the reputation of the company. In addition to these factors, the name gives the company the right to determine the computer price. Because of the different manufactures in the market, the computer price tends to be alike for devices with similar capabilities. If a company has been there for along time, then their computer price may be a littler higher.

The computer price is also reflected in the cost of production. A computer is a device that is an interconnection of very tiny parts and each part functioning differently. Most of these parts are bought from different manufactures or made by the computer manufacture. This means that the cost of production, assembly and purchase of the small components will definitely be reflected in the final computer price. When these components price changes, the computer price will change depending on the direction of the change.

Marketing strategies also will determine the price of a computer. There are people who know about specific product marketing strategies. With a wide variety of marketing, on the internet, the television and radio and even social media, a product reaches the market fast. This however comes with a great price and the cost of it must be reflected in the computer price. The more the intensity of the adverts, the more clients are likely to buy a product and the more the higher the computer price.


Some computers are made with touch sensitive technology that makes them very expensive. These touch screens and pads are produced at a higher price that has to be reflected in the final computer price.

The specifications too also replicated too in the final computer price. Also called the specs, they are the particular details of a computer that includes the memory (RAM), the hard disk capacity, the screen resolution, the type of internet connectivity and many more. If these specifications are high, the computer price too rises up in relation to them. These factors are important as they also reflect the quality and the speed of a computer.

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Basically, a computer price is a reflection, of the production cost, the marketing and advertisement cost, manufacture cost and the specification .manufactures of the computers combine all these costs to gather to come up with the final computer price.

By Lawrence Kamau, published at 03/06/2012
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