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What Is a Caprice


Caprice can be defined as a sudden, impulsive, unexpected and unmotivated action or notion. It usually refers to a change of any unpredictable condition, and it may also form a series of changes. It is basically a disposition to perform things impulsively.

The origin of the word can be associated with the French language and was first used in the year 1667. Caprice creates a lack of apparently occurred motivation and tends to suggest a final result of sheer willingness towards doing any act. Some examples of caprice can be defined as follows:

• The caprices in weather conditions
• A change in policy which seems to be result of caprice and nothing else
• Complain of employees of a firm that they are at the mercy of the top management’s caprice


The generation of the word from the Italian word capriccio, the original meaning refers to the creation of a sensation of horror, which tends to make the hair of a person stand. It can be derived from the word capriccio which means ‘capo’ as head and ‘riccio’ as hedgehog. However, the later meaning derived from the Italian word ‘capra’ means stubbornness associated with a goat. Another use of caprice has been made in a piece of music which is in usual fairly free from any sort of forms and is based on a lively character. A typical caprice singer can be defined as one, who is intense, virtuosic and fast in nature.


The term has been used in a variety of ways. Another meaning associated with the word caprice is the conducting of a festival in Crans-Montana in Switzerland, which is another music festival held during the winter season. International celebrities and stars used to attend this festival. Moreover, this festival is divided into two categories, namely Festival In and Festival Off. The Festival In aspect covers the playing from international stars whereas, and the Festival Off aspect is usually free and is for informal events. 

Tips and comments

There are also several quotes associated with this word, which tends to describe more about the meaning associated with it. Some of the popular quotes are defined in terms of love, politics, aggression and many other feelings.

One famous quote associated with politics defines tyranny is not a result of iron law; it is a result of capricious law. It is further defined that the meaning of the word tends to make a person aggressive, no matter what are the circumstances.

The definition of caprice is in essence related to the feeling of undertaking any change in a very motivational manner. It refers to a sudden change in feeling as well as several other strict and loose definitions.

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