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How To Get the Best Prices For Used Cars


Cars can be the hardest and also the easiest equipments to buy. For a used cars, it very important to be observant and very keen since you may purchase a vehicle that might bring you problems later that you did not notice when buying.

The most commonly method used for people buying used cars is by using a dealership to find you a perfect car at a reasonable used price. Though some dealers place much interest on the profit they want to make than on finding you the car that best suits you. In finding used cars avoid situations that will bring hindrances and make you have extra costs. To find the best and reasonable used prices you have to follow some steps that will guide you.



Step 1

The first step is to find the best used prices by doing a thorough research of the available choices. This is by collecting a variety of reviews, checking the common things about used cars like reliability, fuel consuming rate, safety and prices of the different used car models you are interested in. Put more emphasis on the car used prices whether a trade in or wholesale and determine the retail price you expect. This helps you to be prepared and avoids being caught unawares by for making under estimates on the prices which can cause a major setback.

Step 2

The second step is to get the lowest used prices. It is important to approach the dealer with a starting price and do not give much attention to the sticker price on the used car. This approach will help you get the car you desire at the most appropriate and fair price. Going with a starting price creates an environment of better bargaining and since you will have set standards and the dealer will not think you are desperate and take advantage to strike a higher deal which will mean more profit for him.

Step 3

The third step comes in when undergoing the negotiation. Try as much as possible to avoid financing, leasing, and trade prices all together. The dealer might take advantage and lower the price on one area and hike the price on another area. You should make the dealer understand as you make you’re starting used prices that you have other variety of dealers to visit who are offering the same used car and you will only take the best used prices. After settling for the used prices then you have a go ahead to agree on financing, leasing or the trade in. make sure you negotiate each at a time and know you are in control and can work out as you please.

Step 4

The fourth step is to do a search on the interest rate of the banks and loan organizations before you agree on the dealer’s rates? If your loan is not approved do not mention financial arrangements during the negotiations. Dealers in used cars offer very appealing and fair financial rates, but you have to be sure you have the loan first.

Step 5

The dealers will also try to sell you other product for car maintenance that you actually do not really need. Products such as fabric protection, rust proofing or window tinting may come in offer. The fifth step is to not consider those unnecessary extras since they have you spending more than you had actually planned. Some of the product they offer are already inbuilt and available in the car and some you might get them much later since they are not that much necessary.



By following the right steps you have a guarantee to purchasing your best used car by fair and reasonable used prices.

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By Lawrence Kamau, published at 03/08/2012
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