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How To Create a Price Guide


A price guide is a very important item to have when you are going to buy anything, especially when you are buying a large number of items. It helps one to save time when looking for items because you already know what you are looking for in the market. One will also be able to avoid misusing cash buying redundant things that they really do not need at that moment. A price guide is important for future budgeting. You will have a basis of estimating how you use your money. Many would have a problem with how to write a price guide, and below you are guided on how to make one of your own.

Step 1

Most price guides are created on tables or spread sheets, and the first important step is to make sure you create one of these things. A computer would be a good option when making this price guide using simple programs like Excel or even as a webpage. Creating this price guide will require you to know the number of items you need because you need to create a table that each item is represented on its own column.

Step 2

It is important that you make sure you create a pricing column for each item. Decide what information you will need on the price guide and create a column for each. Every column should have a clear heading on what it is containing, the heading should be clear being bold or having somewhat larger font to differentiate it from the other stuff in the price guide. This will make it easy for anyone reading or going through your price guide. Now the table of your price list is ready for you to fill.

Step 3

Enter your required products names in the products column. The easiest way that you can fill all of your columns without any problems is to enter the names first to avoid any inconveniences. After all names are filled in, fill their respective prices and make sure to fill in the right price to the right column. This will avoid misinterpretation of information in your price guide. It is also vital that you know the correct prices for each item in your price guide. Make a correct total of all the information filled in and confirm that it is the correct one.

Step 4

It is good that you add a clear heading on top of the price guide. This might not look important to you, but it will allow any other person going through your guide of price to know what it is all about. If you are making a price guide for a certain company, the heading is very important for people like auditors who come to make sure there is answerability of funds used in the company.

Step 5

You should include some notes at the bottom of the price guide such as ordering instructions, delivery procedures and how the items are going to be purchased. You can include a small disclaimer to make sure that you are not legally bound to the prices.


You can now easily create a price guide without any major problems.

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