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How To Get the Best Deals on Price Line


How to get the best deals on price line requires some upfront research.  Some of these sites may have a little bit greater accessibility for certain air carriers or air-ports, but for the most aspect, they provide promotions that are within a few dollars of each other. However, Price line has one function that places it apart from the other sites – the “Name Your Own Price” choice. You can use Price line the same as these other sites and buy passes instantly, or you can preserve over 40% on your airfare by bidding process on a reduced admission cost by using the Name Your Own Price choice. While keeping 40% on your buy appears to be excellent, it may not be the best choice for everyone. If you end up picking the Name Your Own Price choice, you will not know your commercial airline or journey time until soon after you buy – and the passes are non-refundable.

Step 1

Select your routes and periods on price line. The most widely used choice is selecting your aircraft and times. This choice is generally the same as all the other reduced trip websites. You search for passes based on the time frame and time and opt for the choice that best satisfies your need. It’s worth noting that passes bought through Price line and most other lower price take a trip companies are non-refundable and non-transferable, though you may be able to return them through the commercial airline for a fee. Most aircraft bought this way are qualified for consistent brochure kilometers.

Step 2

Flexibility is key to getting the best deal on price line. The name your own cost function does not provide you with any say over what time of day you are going to be traveling by air, the commercial airline, or the flight terminal if you choose several choices. The objective with this admission choice is to buy the most affordable admission possible.

Step 3

Examine price line costs on the Internet or by getting in touch with the air carriers. Some air carriers provide offers through their websites that the online discounters never have entry to. You may be able to find a better cope there than with Priceline. If so, go forward and source it, then try to defeat it with Priceline’s Name Your Own Price function. Most air carriers will allow you to eliminate your booking within a certain interval at totally free. Note: Do not go to these websites over and over and analysis the same circular vacation because their computer systems will choose up that someone wants to take that particular vacation and that may lead to a cost improve for some time interval. So just start as many an eye as you need.

Step 4

Be realistic when pricing with price line. Never submit unlikely offers. Price line may not allow you to publish a second bid for the same vacation if you bid too low once. I usually begin at a cost around 50% and then improve it in $25 amounts until it is recognized.

Step 5

Keep in mind that taxation and extra charges may not be included on price line. Your bid price does not involve charges or taxes, so your $250 bid may cost you almost $300 by the time you buy the admission (don’t fear, Priceline will give you an estimated complete before you publish your bid).


Keep in thoughts that some air carriers cost for  luggage is extra and not included in price line

Sources and Citations

Other sites include to research include: Orbitz,,, Travelocity and of course price line.

By Southern Bell, published at 03/07/2012
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