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Home Buying Tips: Is the Price Right?


Buying a home can be one of the most exciting experiences an individual will have,;especially if it’s your first time. But of course, finding the right house could be very challenging at the same time. Deciding to purchase a home is just the first step. All the hard stuff immediately follows after that. Factors like location of the house, the type of neighborhood, the size of the house, how many bedrooms, how big is the space, all this things must be carefully thought of before you make the purchase. All these factors are important, but to most people, the biggest factor is the price of the house. “Is the price right?” is always the biggest question in buying a home. Let’s see some of the ways that we can do to know the answer “Is the price right?”

Things to Consider

Do research of comparable units or properties

This is one of the most common ways to determine to know if you are given a fair pricing of the house you are interested to. Make comparisons of houses in the neighborhood where you are planning to buy and also in other communities nearby . Look at properties with the same size and condition as your prospected house. You can actually vist houses and ask the owners about the price of those properties and compare it with the price offered to you. Is it less expensive than larger or nicer properties or does it cost higher than properties which are smaller? Doing this will definitely help you know if the price is indeed right.

Check the Unsold inventory index

To have an accurate information about the statistics of homes sold within the month. Use this data to see if there are a lot of similar properties in the market, especially those that are vacant or unsold. If there are a lot of unsold similar properties, prices of this houses should considerably low. Check the prices of this vacant units. This will be a good basis to review the price.

Monitor the market trends

One way to know is the price right is by observing the market trends. Current market conditions greatly affect the pricing of properties depending on the real estate curve. When the market condition is up or doing good, chances are properties won’t be overpriced. Subsequently, if the market condition is down, most likely it is better to postpone any plan to buy any properties.


Try to negotiate

To have an idea if you are getting a agood price from your seller, you can actually test the waters and see how the seller would react. Usually, sellers place a significantly higher value that the actual price of the units for sale. Try to make an offer below the list price. If the seller accepts your counter offer, it probably means that the property wasn’t worth as much as the listed price and you’re most likely to get a fair deal. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. Be sure that you don’t offend or irritate the seller as you negotiate with the price. They can easily turn off the negotiations and refuse to work with you any longer. Becareful also that you don’t end up getting out bid by other interested buyers as you try to get the lowest price for the house.

Get an expert opinion
Real estate agents can give you a great deal of assistance in answering the question, is the price right? They are known to be experts in assessing the prices of properties even with looking at the data. Remember to take a real agents’ opinion carefully. They are a big help in fiding the best price for your house.


Every home buyer should heve an understanding how porperties are priced. You need to put into consideration all factors. Knowing how properties are priced can help you in deciding for your investments and arrive in tha a fair deal to protect your interest. The question of “Is the price right?’ wll definitely be answered. So be very careful and wise before reaching to an agreement. Happy house-hunting!

By Seth Evan, published at 03/10/2012
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Home Buying Tips: Is the Price Right?. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.