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Katie Price was born in England. She was never excelled in academics where as she was always praised for her talent in sports and swimming and her athletic side was appreciated highly. As a child she developed a love for horses and horse riding. At the age of 6 she suffered hardships such as being molested in a park behind bushes and started her career as a model and made the debut of her career by modeling for a clothing line at the age of 13 where she was also tricked and later on in life got to know that she was in fact used as a model for a lingerie commercial. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 in 1994 and put all her concentration towards pursuing her career as a model.


With increasing fame and her success as a model Katie Price decided to move on in life with something larger. She launched her own clothing line and the love she had developed for horses and horse riding in her childhood reflected it as her line also comprised of clothes for horses. She is British and over the years has managed to make quite a name for her self. Her clothes represent her lifestyle, her preference and her overall self and so if you want to be like her, the first step would be to buy her clothes. Katie Price has launched herself as a brand and that is not something that is not uncommon among celebrities. Becoming a celebrity is a huge accomplishment and that is indeed something you need to cash out on. Almost every celebrity today has launched his or her own line of clothing and Katie price is no different. Although she has been through two failed marriages she never let the reflection of her personal problems reflect her career and become a hurdle in her success.


The clothing line of Katie Price is not only for females. The line produces clothes for horses, horse riders, females and children as well. She is known for her unique idea of creating dresses for horses and horse riders and it is said that you can include glamour and sparkle to your horse riding habit with the addition of quality and style. She also has her own lingerie line for females. You can find a large variety of the articles produced by her line on the internet and can shop for them online or visit any outlet to buy wonderful clothing. The gorgeous Katie Price collection includes KPE velour tracksuits, shorts and t-shirts all with crystal embellishment, and can be found in various different designs and adorable colors.

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Katie price is undoubtedly a highly successful figure of today and an inspiration to younger people. She has achieved a lot in her life starting at a very young age and has showed that no matter how many hardships you may have to endure in life determination and hard work can bring success to your doorstep. One should never let anything come in the way of their success.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/11/2012
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