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Fisher Price a famous toy manufacturing American company. It makes different types of toys for children of various age groups – school going children, toddlers as well as babies. It generally produces a wide range of products. The products, produced by the company, include many historical products like Adventure people, Chatter Telephone, Corn Popper etc. Some of the top Fisher Price toys are Alphabet Magnet Board, Amazing animals, Baby gymnastics, ESPN Games Station etc.


The Fisher price company was established in the year 1930. Herman Fisher and Irving Price were its founders. The company was named after the surnames of the two founders. The company has been selling its product in the market since 1931; Dr. Doodles was its first manufactured Fisher Price toys. Its very first product was a big success in the market. Previously the company used to make toys made of wood only. It started manufacturing plastic toys since 1950, with Busy Bee being the first plastic manufactured toy of the company. Till date this company is well-known in the toy manufacturing market.


• The most fascinating thing about the company is that till date the company has produced around 1500 types of toys.
• This company produces toy for infants too. Recently the company has started producing electronic toys for pre- schoolers too.
• Fisher Prices toy mobile, laptop, cameras and other toys gadgets are popular in the market. Other than this, Rocking Baby Bouncing, New born to toddler portable rocker, Deluxe galloping fun jumperoo are also popular.
• Other than this various types of video games are also manufactured by the company.
• At the moment fisher price toys are available at a discounted price in the market. Huge discount are being offered by the company to customers.
• Fisher Price toys can be purchased online too. Their world class quality products can now be purchased from the comfort of your home just by clicking the mouse.
• Make fisher prices toys your child’s best companion for they are safe and non-toxic.
• The products of this company are manufactured under special care keeping in mind health issues and safety of your child. Fisher Price toys is therefore completely safe for your child’s use.
• The toys of the company make good mates for your little ones. Their educational toys develop your child’s learning ability. These products have been designed in such manner that they make proper development of your child’s brain - all this can be achieved through simple playful techniques, while the child in a playing mode.


Tips and comments

Fisher price is a renowned company in toy manufacturing business. Fisher Price toys are extremely colorful attractive. The company has spread its business wings throughout the globe.

Fisher Price Toys have succeeded in making learning fun for children. Children learn many different subjects just by playing with these toys – colors, counting, shapes, manners and a lot more. Fisher Price toys are available at Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Kmart, Target. Fisher Price toys make great gifts for birthdays and festive occasions, as they never go unappreciated.

By Smita, published at 03/11/2012
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Top Toys Fisher Price Sells. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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