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How To Determine the Price Of Remodeling Your Bathroom


If you’re tired of the same old white tiles and the tarnished faucets in your bathroom, then maybe it’s time to do a little remodeling. A new look around home can do wonders to your over-all mood- especially the bathroom. But there’s always that question that steps in the way of your dreams to transform your bathroom to something reminiscent from a house in Cougar Town- what’s the price. An excellent question, one that’s best dealt with before your spouse goes into cardiac arrest because of the “gift” that’s dropped in their lap at the end of the process. By judging the price beforehand, you’ll be able to avoid that bill with those little zeros on it- and that awkward situation at the doctor’s office where you have to explain why your husband has developed a fear of faucets.

Step 1

So, what’s the price going to be? Well, the easiest way of answering that question is by asking two more: exactly what are you planning on having installed in your bathroom. And the second: whose going to do the work? The first can only be answered once you’ve looked through some themes- both online and in stores. We’d advise getting your roommate/spouse to go along- after all, you both will be using the new bathroom, why waste money now only to find out later that the other person hates it? You may end up having to get rid of it all. And think of just how much that little adventure will cost you.

Step 2

A word of advice: what you earn directly affects how much you spend. So before you begin to plan that wonderful bathroom of your dreams, we’d recommend taking a peek inside the bank account. Then ask yourself- can you pay the price? Or will you have to crack open the nest egg you’ve been saving up? Because- and we hate to break it to you like this- the average bathroom remodeling job can cost you in tens of thousands.

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No, that was not a joke. That’s the price of a midscale model- i.e one that consists of a bath tub, an integrated sink and vanity, a medicine cabinet and tiles and wallpaper. Of course an upscale model (think expansions to the bathroom, a shower, replacing the toilet with upstanding model, even adding a window etc.) will cost more. So it would be a good idea to determine in advance exactly what you want.

Step 4

Also, who exactly is going to do all that work? You might want to install the tiles and paint it yourself- and that sounds amazing and will probably save you money on labor- but to be honest, the DIY approach can only take you so far. So who’s going to install the sink and faucets - and for that matter, what about the new bathtub and toilet? Your local plumber may be a cheaper option but does he have the knowledge and experience to set it all up- especially if you’re installing foreign made models in your’ bathroom? A badly done job may cost you in the long run, and you may end up paying a larger price than you expected. Don’t forget that you’ll need to hire a contractor and sort out the paperwork! That’s going to cost you too.

Step 5

If all else fails to calculate your bathroom renovation price, an online home improvement calculator might turn out to be your best friend. While doing the math, bear in mind that it’s all a matter of compromise in the end.


Somewhere, you’ll have to compromise and give up that carved sink you wanted, and some-where, you may have to agree to that extra window. In the end, take it this way: it should be practical and pleasing to the eye. Also if the price on the tag starts giving you doubts, bear in mind that a good bathroom is considered a plus point in every home, especially if you plan on selling the house later- so you want to do things right. Spend wisely and good luck with the new bathroom and a price that fits your budget!

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By Amara, published at 03/10/2012
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