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Prices For New Cars


Are you planning to buy your very first car? Well, it’s quite a happy thought to be able to have your window shopping for cars since it does not always happen. However, before anything else, you need to know a lot of things about the cars new prices so that you would make sure of what you really pay for. So here are some tips that you can use for checking the prices for new cars.

Step 1

Tip No. 1 Do some research on the cars new prices

It is very important to do your research first because it would educate you on what you should know especially if you have no idea about the product. After all, researching has become more convenient because of the internet so it would not really be hard for you to do. If you’re planning to research on cars new prices, you have to go to the website of the certain brand of car that you chose to have your research on. In their website, you would get the MSRP or Manufacturer Standard Retail Price for the cars. You can always contact a dealer for further questions and quotations about the cars new prices that is, if the contact number of the dealer is posted.

Step 2

Tip No. 2 Check the current market value of the brand and model of the car

The cars new prices would always depend on the brand and the model. A 2006 Toyota Vios would have a different price every year depending on its current market value. This is because assets such as cars have depreciation value and it depreciates every year so don’t expect to have the same price for the cars throughout the years. Checking the current market value of the car would help you to identify more or less how much do other dealers offer.

Step 3

Tip No. 3 Study features and offers first

For new car models, the cars new prices depend on the feature of the car and other additional offers. For example, a manual SUV would have a lower price compared to an automatic SUV. There are also some car offers that would include extra car accessories making the price of the car higher. Other offers such as included car insurance would also affect the cars new prices so you have to make sure that you are able to list and study all of them first.

Step 4

Tip No. 4 Check cars new prices with different car dealers

There are some car dealers that are not directly connected to the manufacturer so they have different prices based from their quotations. These car dealers may have added additional prices to the cars for them to also have added profit so make sure to have quotations not only from one dealer. This would also help you in case you want to bargain for the price of the car. You can always ask if it would be okay to drop some of the additional car accessories or other additional offers so that you can have a lower price for the car.

Step 5

Tip No.5 Check for additional costs

There are also some additional costs that would affect the cars new prices. Examples of these are shipment costs or maintenance costs. You have to make sure to list down these additional costs for you to have an idea of the real total value of the car.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/14/2012
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