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What Is a Rowe Price


Protecting the investment of major companies is the main objective of all investment companies. They holds securities of other firms purely for investment purposes. The investment company invests money on behalf of its shareholders who in turn share in the profits and loss. There are many investment companies in the world and T. Rowe Price is one of them.


T. Rowe Price is a publicly owned Investment firm, founded in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. This firm offers mutual funds, sub-advisory services, and separate account management for individuals, institutions, retirement plans, financial intermediaries, investment planning and guidance tools. They employ many distinct investment strategies. T. Rowe Price says that their aim is “Help client around the world achieve their long term investment goals”. With the name of Rowe price, growth stock philosophy of investing is associated. It emphasize those companies whose earnings and dividends are expected to grow faster than inflation and the overall economy. And for that, Price charged a fee based on the assets under management. It is an independent company with substantial employee ownership.


According to a survey conducted December 31, 2011, This Company Manage over $489 billion in assets. It was ranked one of the "top twenty" Investment firms in the world, and was recognized as one of Business Week Customer Service Champs. In September 2009, Twitter disclosed that it had received $100 million in funding from several investors, including Rowe Price, which valued the company at one billion dollars.

T. Rowe Price has offices that are located around the world in 18 countries, for instance in Buenos Aires, Sydney, Toronto, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Singapore, USA, Dubai, and Zurich. And over 5,000 people are employed by Rowe Price around the world.

T. Rowe price offers services to individuals, financial intermediaries and institutions. There are Investments, services, and guidance to help individual investors and workplace retirement plan. Participants meet financial and retirement goals. For Financial intermediaries there are Product information, commentary, and support for banks, broker-dealers, insurance companies, and other financial intermediaries seeking to strengthen client relationships. Specialized investment strategies and services for institutions, defined contribution plan sponsors, and their consultants. Traditionally this firm is oriented toward growth investing, the Rowe price funds offer products in many risk and taxation profiles, including small, mid, and large-cap stock funds; money market funds; and bond funds, both taxable and nontaxable. T. Rowe Price has approximately $490 billion of assets under management. Its assets under management are accumulated from a client base across four distribution channels. The Company derives revenue from investment advisory services provided by its subsidiaries, such as T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and T. Rowe Price International Ltd.

Currently Chairman and Chief Investment Officer over there are Brian C. Rogers. President CEO and Director is James A. C. Kennedy, while VP, CFO, and Treasurer is Kenneth V. More-land. Their competitors are American Century, FMR and The Vanguard Group. Trademark of Rowe price is big Horn sheep.


In a nutshell, T. Rowe price investment management firm offers investment management, mutual funds, sub-advisory services, retirement planning. Their net income is $672.2 Million USD (2010).

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