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12 Top Tips To Get the Best Mobile Price For Your Phone


Mobile Price is the price at which one’s sell his/her mobile. With the new advent of technology, mobiles are modified to include number of specifications, all these specifications increases the Mobile Price. For example a phone without camera and Wi-Fi would be a cheaper one. But a phone with LED flash camera and a Wi-Fi system is much expensive. Nowadays name of the brand plays important role in deciding Mobile Price. Every seller wants to sell fast and get the best price for their products. Well it's not luck that makes it happen. It all depends on the strategy you adopt to sell your product. Following tips will help you get best mobile price for your phone.

Step 1

Here are some tips for seller or reseller of a mobile to get the best Mobile Price and to avoid making mistakes. The first step is making a decision whether to sell a phone or not.

Step 2

Once you have decided to sell your mobile, call an independent valuator to evaluate your mobile’s value. He will calculate the best possible Mobile Price.

Step 3

Contact with an advertisement agency to place an ad of your device and its specification. The ad can be given on website as well; instead it would be cheap for a reseller to advertise over the internet.

Step 4

The ad should be designed in such a way that it attracts attention of maximum number of people. It should focus on the best functionality of your mobile.

Step 5

Find a buyer; analyze if the buyer is willing to buy a mobile at best Mobile Price suited to you. You can convince him to buy the product by placing an emphasis on its specifications and making him realize that this is the mobile he/she is actually looking for.

Step 6

Show respect and courtesy for your customer. It helps to establish long term relationship with them. Always remember basic rule of business which is “the customer is always right”.

Step 7

Emphasize on customer’s benefit. Use the word “you” instead of “I”. Too much usage of the words I and We makes the customer believe that seller is trying to maximize his own profit without having concern for buyer.

Step 8

Dealing with fraudulent buyer is very difficult and tricky task but it’s a part of business to deal with such issues. The best way to deal with them is to get the Mobile Price in advance and then provide the buyer with mobile.

Step 9

Choose any other way of secure payment, a written agreement with seller’s and buyer’s signature can fulfill the purpose.

Step 10

Provide maximum facilitation to buyer by offering exchange or providing money back guarantee. It secures the transaction on buyer’s part.

Step 11

Allow the customer a trial run of the phone; it increases his satisfaction regarding the product and makes his decision easier i.e. either to buy mobile at available Mobile Price or not.

Tip 12

If payment issue is resolved transfer the ownership of your phone. Revaluate did you receive the best Mobile Price? If yes, you have accomplished a successful deal.


The mobile price is effected by many factors like make of the manufacturer, features, services of the service provider, look and feel etc, They all make the mobile price go up and down. I hope this article will help you get better idea about mobiles and mobile price.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/25/2012
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12 Top Tips To Get the Best Mobile Price For Your Phone. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.