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Who Is Katie Price?


Katie Price is one of the leading models in glamour magazine and she has had numerous events and promotional products for different brands that she represented when signed under that label. She is an executive and her wealth is quite big keeping in mind that she has many side deals like writing books, modeling, acting, and singing. Katie Price commonly known as Jordan and she once used to model for the topless photos that made her known all over the globe. Her fame led her to get various recognitions, and endorsements and this led to her popularity as one of the best models of all times.


Katie Price has been married twice with famous people and her previous husband Peter André was a famous musician who had some of the best hits that saw him reach the top of the world countdown charts and won numerous awards. Katie Price Jordan has three children and she lives with them in one of her houses in England. She does not reveal her children and wants to protect them from the media since she says that the publicity will affect their lives and end up not following their dream path.


Katie Price has featured in the reality series with her then husband when they auditioned for the life in the jungle where different celebrities placed in the jungles without communication with other people and found out different ways of surviving. This enabled her to venture into the acting world but did not take it further due to various business opportunities she had to do. She has her own signature perfume and written several books based on her life and the experiences she went through. Katie Price is famed for undergoing several breast enhancement procedures, she has a small body, and very huge breasts that look un-proportional and people claim that she gets tired walking and at times looks worn out.

Tips and comments

Katie Price recently started her own lingerie line that was suitable for women who have small bodies but huge breasts and find it hard to get the fitting innerwear because most of the British women have the same size on the upper and lower areas of their bodies. The line was a success and she came up with different appealing designs that many people bought. Katie Price started her singing career and critics claim that she will not shine in this sector because she is not talented enough to take on different singing platforms. Katie Price made serious allegations when she indicated that she was raped by a much known personality but did not want to reveal to the police. Up to date, she has not disclosed the information with many people saying it was a way of seeking attention since she was fading out of the limelight and that was a way to spark attention. She once tried to contest for a political seat but managed to get a handful of votes. The future of Katie Price is unknown and if she concentrates on music, writing and acting she will go far since the modeling agencies want fresh faces and young ladies.

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