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What Are the Prices For the Average Homes in California?


United Sates of America is the land of opportunities. A lot of individuals from countries outside USA aspire to be a US citizen or to experience living in this magnificent country. However, not all states in the US can accommodate all citizens. In a latest census conducted by statistician, California is the most populous state in the USA. Several factors affect this status. Some chooses this state because of the astonishing culture, climate and atmosphere. Others seek employment opportunities such as acting careers and move to California. With all that, everyone wants to know the prices of accommodations in California.


Discovered in 1542 by European explorers, California was one of their trip’s stop from Philippines to Portugal. However, California is not yet fully explored back then. It was 1602 that Sebastain Vizcaino, a Spanish explorer mapped and scouted the coast of California. 1820 was the start of residency in this state. People all over the US and Canada set forth for a journey in this lovely sate. The prices for housing back then were very low compared to today’s expenditures. It is just right since economic crisis is not a major issue then. In 1960’s statistics, it is recorded that the prices for California housing was below $50,000. Every year, housing prices rise from $50,000 to $150,000 in just 20 years. Today, the prices of median housing in California skyrocket to nearly half a million dollars. What contributed to this? It may be the increase in demand or the decrease of economy. And thus, accommodations especially in the USA has broaden and extended to several types from apartments to motel rooms. But what exactly are the prices of average houses in California today?


In recent statistics provided by California Association of Realtors presented in august 2010, an existing house with a 1 bedroom has an average price of $297,000. These types of housing would already accommodate 2 to 3 persons. It is best suited for single-status individuals or newlyweds. After 8 months, the prices of house increased by 7.4% rising to $320,000. However, this is not the standard pricing system. The average prices of houses would also differ depending on the district of your choice. For example, in San Francisco Bay, the prices of an average house are at $498,000. In Los Angeles on the other hand the average prices is at $275,000. These presented prices are said to be stable for the next few months. There would be slight changes but will not exceed an increase of 10%.

Tips and comments

As you can observe, the prices of housing in California is extremely high. It is highly recommended that for individuals who can invest at early stage should do it. This is mainly because housing expenditures will only rise as shown in yearly census. For individuals who are still in the process of saving for their future, houses are good investments. Aside from being a reliable asset, shelter is a basic necessity. The prices are laid. Think ahead of your future, California is a state where developments are ongoing. Building a bright future in the state of pure culture and opportunity is a great option and path.

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