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There are many commodities of daily life which are meant to be purchased by people. These commodities include all the things we use daily. There are many suppliers of the different items and sometimes a consumer may find many suppliers for a same commodity. The consumers have to choose the commodity that best suits their needs. This suitabitly may differ from person to person. There is a major issue in gaining a lower price for commodities. Often we find different brands of the same product and different suppliers who offer the same products and services. The main tactic is to find the best price for the best option. People are quite curious about the prices cheap and they try to find the cheapest price for a commodity without compromising the quality and the features.


The things which should be in the mind of the consumers about the prices cheap are as follows.

  • The consumers may need to do a market review in order to find the cheapest price for the specific commodity.
  • A consumer should not rely on only one supplier so that he or she may not remain unaware about the other suppliers whose prices are cheaper compared to the others. So the consumer should have an awareness of all the suppliers.


  • A price comparison may be done about the commodities on the internet. There are many websites which provide the service of price comparison according to the specifications of the commodity. In such a way one can figure out the cheapest price for the commodity.
  • One can also know take the help of the experts for buying a particular commodity. Some experts are quite familiar about the market. By taking the suggestions of these experts’ prices cheap can be figured out.
  • Good contacts and relations must be maintained by the consumers with the suppliers, So that the consumers may be able to bargain the cheapest price for a particular commodity without negotiating the quality.


  • The prices cheap can also be gained by purchasing a commodity in the bulk quantity. This option is suitable for the organizations who require the raw materials for the production process. By purchasing in bulk ,a bulk discount is given and in this way per unit price is reduced and a cheap price is likely to be achieved.
  • Sometimes the bargaining power of the consumer is a useful tool in order to get a cheapest price for a commodity. This is possible if the consumer is not dependant on only one supplier. This means that a consumer can select any other suppliers who would offer the lowest price. In this case the supplier would offer the prices cheapest to the consumer so that the consumer may not think of changing the supplier.
  • One can also take opinions regarding the purchasing experience of the particular commodity by the relatives and the friends. This may also be helpful in figuring out the prices cheapest for a commodity.

These points can be considered for getting a reasonable and cheapest price for the commodities to be purchased.

By John, published at 02/20/2012
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