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There are many commodities which are sold and purchased each day. The buyers are in the search of the suppliers who would offer the minimum price for the required quality of the good. Likewise the suppliers are in the search of the buyers who would maximize the profit margin of the suppliers.

Step 1

This means that there is an issue of the pricing for both the suppliers and the buyers. Especially the consumers must be careful in getting the best price as the suppliers would not sell the goods on loss unless in the exceptional cases.The customers need to apply hands on approach for price gaining which is most feasible. There are many points which might provide help for the price.

Step 2

  • In order to get the help for price, a consumer should be known about the market. He or she should know the prevailing prices of the goods in the whole market. If a consumer is well aware of the market, then it would be easy to help oneself for price, which is most reasonable for the customer.
  • The individual should be aware of maximum suppliers of particular commodity. This awareness of the maximum suppliers would provide the consumer with the help for price, as the consumer would be well aware about the quoted prices of the particular commodities by the different suppliers.

Step 3

There are many websites which provide the help for prices of the different products. These websites provide the comparison of the different products on the basis of the prices, qualities and the features of the product. These services are often provided free of charge. Nevertheless, by having this comparison on can have the ideas for prices of different products.

Step 4

  • For price help can also be taken from the experts. The experts who have a wide knowledge of the commodity are well aware of the market and hence the price of the commodity. By getting the suggestions and acting upon the suggestions of these experts, one can have help for prices, which would likely to be most suitable for the consumer.

Step 5

  • One can also take the suggestions of the friends and the relatives. If the friends and the relatives would be having the experience of the purchasing the same commodity, that one wants to buy. Then the suggestions of the relatives and the friends would be helpful for price knowledge and the quality of the product.


  • Bulk order purchase would be a good idea for price, which would be most reasonable.IN such a purchase a discount would be given for bulk purchase and in this way per unit price would be decreased with the effect of positive price variance.


  • An individual or the organization should make such contracts with the suppliers, so that they may not be able to change the supplier in the future. If the consumer would not be able to change the supplier, then it would not be possible to get the best price for a particular which are being offered by other suppliers.

These are some of the ideas, which one may consider so that a reasonable price may be negotiated for a particular commodity.

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