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How To Find the Best Pizza Restaurants


People are in love with pizza. This is shown by the number of pizza restaurants that pop up and are successful. Whether it be a franchise, such as Domino's or Pizza Hut, or a local sitdown restaurant, you can find one of these establishments in almost every town you will visit. Some people wonder how they can find the best pizza restaurants. Each individual is the only one who can truly judge this, but there are still resources they can search to at least get a good idea.

Step 1

When searching for the best pizza restaurants you may want to search online for reviews. The Internet is a great resource for finding out about local businesses and peoples feelings about them. Websites such as give people the chance to voice their opinion after they visit a local establishment. While reading through these reviews you can get a good idea of the pizza restaurants you are about to visit. You may also consider leaving comments of your own once you visit these pizza restaurants.

Step 2

Another way to find great pizza restaurants is to ask friends or family. Many times they may have already visited these establishments and has something to say about them. They may give you good or bad advice, but at least it is better than going in blind. Ask lots of different family members or friends so that you can get a well-rounded view of the pizza restaurants you are about to visit.

Step 3

Check your local paper to see if any local food critics have reviewed the pizza restaurants you are considering visiting. Only some towns will have a food critic on staff, so you may not be able to find one in your local paper. If the pizza restaurants you are considering visiting our nationally known then you may want to check other papers to see if someone has reviewed them there.

Step 4

Check the website for the pizza restaurants themselves. Here they may post what critics have said about them, or may have an area of their website dedicated to public discussion. This will give you a chance to interact with other people who have visited these pizza restaurants. Note that many restaurants do not offer services like this, but national chains or franchises might.

Step 5

The best way to find the best pizza restaurants is to visit them yourself. Food is something that is different for each individual and someone else's opinion may differ from your own. Be sure to try out a variety of restaurants so that you can accurately judge which one is truly best. You may even consider going to the pizza restaurants more than once so that you can try a variety of their foods.


Take a decent amount of time before deciding where your favorite pizza restaurant is. Since most people love pizza there are new restaurants popping up all the time. Be sure to give them a try even if you already have one that you consider your favorite. You never know what gem might be hiding in your own backyard.

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By Michael Banks, published at 03/14/2012
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