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How To Find the Best Video Game Price


Getting the best video game price is something that a lot of us would like to be able to do. There are many times when a game comes out that we wish we could buy, but simply can't afford the $59.99 price tag. There is still hope and the Internet has made it much easier to get these games at a lower price then possible in the past. Knowing where to look is important knowing the value of a game is just as crucial. This way gamers can get the best game price and keep enjoying what they love.

Step 1

Try checking used game retailers. Used game retailers will often offer games at a lower price than the new versions. The amount that the game is priced at is often dependent upon the retailer. Some will take only a few dollars off of a newer game while others will deduct much larger amounts to ensure they sell. When looking at used game retailers make sure to shop around so that the best game price possible can be found.

Step 2

Online auction sites can also help the frugal gamer get the price they want. Sites such as or eBay are a great resource for finding low priced games. This is often where other gamers will place their old games up for sale. The game price will often vary depending on how new the game is and how much it is worth. Be sure to check multiple listings so that prices can be compared for the best result.

Step 3

Ask other gamer friends if they have any games they would like to sell. Some gamer friends might be able to offer the best game price possible. If they were to try and sell it themselves they would probably not be able to get very much. They also might want to avoid the hassle of having to list the game and then ship it when it sells. This is a great way to get newer games for not very much money. Trading with them could also be an option to save money. If a gamer has a game they no longer want they could tell their friend what game they would like to trade for and see if the friend is willing.

Step 4

Trading in games to used retailers is a way to get store credit to put towards another game of choice. Many of the used video game retailers will take trade-ins and give the customer store credit. After enough of these old games have been traded in the gamer can go in to get a newer title that they want. This can save them from having to pay the full game price for a new game.

Step 5

Put it on a wish list. Many of the new computer game platforms such as Steam allow players to put video games onto a wish list that their friends can see. Sometimes the friends have the option of buying multiple copies of the same game so that they can give the extra copies to their friends. You may just be lucky enough to be that friend to get the extra copy. Just be sure to give as well as receive so that you don't look ungrateful and have friends stop gifting you games.


There are many ways to save on video games and keep the game price low. Be sure to check all options before paying full game price for the title that just came out last week. This will keep you gaming longer and save up money for when you can't find a great deal.

By Michael Banks, published at 02/22/2012
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