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Historic Restaurants in New York


New York is the largest city in the country and there are a wide variety of restaurants to satisfy cravings for every type of food imagined. There are several thousand restaurants in this city and they range from inexpensive drop in diners to expensive sit down restaurants that require reservations weeks, and sometimes, months in advance. Although success in the restaurant business is hard, several New York restaurants have managed to find the right recipe for success to become must visit institutions for every New York visitor or resident.

New Yorks history as the first point of entry for many immigrants to America has made this city a true melting pot of diversity. This diversity and the dense population of this city has given New York restaurants the type of diversity that is ungameed by any other city in the country. There is no where else in America where visitors can have access to as wide a variety of foods within such a small area. Many of the most historic New York restaurants have been in business for decades.


Sardis has been a theater district institution since 1927. This Italian restaurant is a popular stop for both before theater and after theater dining and its meal selections and dining schedules are convenient to theater goers. Sardis is well-known for its collection of caricatures of the many celebrities who have visited Sardies over the years. Hundreds of these caricatures are displayed on the walls, which adds to the historic nature of this restaurant.

Barbetta opened its doors in 1906 and is the oldest restaurant in the theater district. Its also New Yorks oldest Italian restaurant and its still owned by members of its founding family. Barbetta specializes in foods from the Piemonte region of Italy. Barbetta prides itself on valuing its long history while it also works hard to add creative new dishes to its menu.

El Faro opened in 1927 and is the oldest Spanish restaurant in New York. This restaurant has become a part of the family for long-time visitors who love the food and the atmosphere so much they pass this love down through several generations of their families.

This Russian Tea Room opened in 1927 and was the idea of members of the Russian Imperial Ballet company. Located near Carnegie Hall, this restaurant has been popular with Carnegie Hall visitors and performers for years and its also a well-know spot for seeing other celebrities. This restaurant serves modern continental foods with a Russian touch. Its opulent, yet elegant decor is also not to be missed.

The Peter Luger Steak House opened 1887 and it has been the premier place to go for the best steaks in New York. Located in Brooklyn, it is just a subway ride away for visitors to New York City. This restaurant insures that its steaks are the best by making sure that a member of the family visits the wholesale markets where they purchase their meat on a daily basis.

El Parador Café opened in 1959 and is the oldest Mexican restaurant in New York City. Many visitors consider El Paradors margaritas and Ceviche the best in the city. This restaurants good food and warm atmosphere has made it a long-time favorite.

Le Perigord is considered by the New York Times as "a French restaurant the way French restaurants used to be." This restaurant features classic French cuisine. It is located near the UN, so it is popular with politicians and diplomats. It is also a favorite with locals and visitors for its elegant, yet simple decor and its great service and delicious food.







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