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Published at 07/12/2011 21:50:38

 The rising prices of fuels are severely hitting on middle class families and are taking up a chunk out of everyone’s budget. This is one of the reasons why the topic of best fuel alternatives is pushed to the mainstream and is discussed throughout the world. Moreover the various benefits offered by this alternative fuel phenomenon are being realized by more and more people every day. These fuels are much more cost effective and at the same time are contributing towards a green environment. Some of the best fuel alternatives available to us include natural gas, hydrogen, electricity, biodiesel and different P-series fuels. In this article we are going to analyze the merits and demerits of all of these fuel alternatives.

 When it comes to low cost and clean fuel alternative, the first option striking in our mind is natural gas. Natural gas is a widely available fuel alternative that burns cleanly and its easy availability to mass of the population throughout the world has made it one of the best alternative fuels. Next in the list is hydrogen which is used after mixing it with natural gas and can serve as a fuel for combustion engines. This fuel has been used as a fuel for rockets since a long time and can be possibly used for smaller vehicles too.

Electricity has always been a great alternative against the fossil fuels used and is already been used for battery-powered vehicles. Another reason for the increased usage of electricity is the low cost and ease of availability. Another great advantage of using electricity is the fact that it is pollution free and is beneficial for our environment. Getting forward to other options next is biodiesel which is also claimed as one of the best fuel alternatives. Biodiesel fuel is a fuel based on a mixture of vegetable oils and animal fats and these are prepared by recycling of waste from restaurants or similar household wastes. Biodiesel is very beneficial and has some of the best features like biodegradable, reduces air pollutants especially carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

 P-series fuels are among the newest addition to the list of alternative fuels and are a combined mixture of ethanol, natural gas liquids, MeTHF and other co-solvents that are derived from biomass. These fuels are very well used in flexible fuel vehicles and are supposed to be clear and good for use. One can use these fuels alone or combine them with gasoline in any mixture what so ever possible. These fuels are definitely a better alternative to the generally used fuels. These are some of the best fuel alternatives which are beneficial for both the environment as well as your pocket. With these low cost, high energy efficiency, green environment fuels it is possible to move towards the energy sources that are never going to catch on.

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