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Advantages Of Alternative Transportation Fuel

Positive Effects on Vehicles

There are different alternative transportation fuel options for public transportation. It establishes the validity of improving energy efficiency and reducing air pollution. This in turn will be a big help in producing lower emission of damaging gases. Along with that it decreases the noise and smoke. With proper care and knowledge about the specific needs of the vehicle it will definitely raise the bar of the automobile industry. We are sure that the continued improvements done will lead to more cars made specifically for this benefit. Since the main goal is to acknowledge the use of alternative transportation fuel, car manufacturers will create more environment friendly vehicle. Every major car company has at least one environment friendly vehicle. In the near future, more hybrid cars will be invented to run on either gasoline or alternative fuel.

The Role of the Government

The government continues to support the discovery of the potentials of alternative transportation fuel. Aside from that fact, it has proven good effects to our environment and the economy. It also entails jobs to the people locally and entices the domestic market. Another good example initiated by the government to promote alternative fuel is the tax credit. This incentive applies to vehicles used at home or in a business and as well as for farm machineries, school buses, or equipments. Aside from tax credit, people who would buy these vehicles will also be given tax breaks, and car makers may offer discounts. An increase in economic growth leads to global transportation demand. A prosperous transportation system will increase the economic, social, and even political success of the country.

What you can do

All of us need to go to another place as often as possible like commuting for work. Stating that means the use of transportation is a must to make it fast and easy. With the advancement of alternative fuel, any individual may be able to access it easily. Once the usage is widely appreciated then it will also lower down the travel cost. By also making it available at home, we don’t need to rely on imported petroleum alone in working on farms or simply by strolling around the street. The wide range of availability in the market also shows that we can rely on it as a stable source of energy. Localizing the source of fuel promotes national security and environmental concerns.

The Significance of Choosing Alternative Fuel

According to studies, Biodiesel and Ethanol are the two alternative transportation fuel that may still be commercially available in 10 years or more among others. This proves that in comparing the positive results it can sustain the growing needs of the community. Alternative transportation Fuel is a renewable energy, therefore it can be replenished. On the other hand, this logic gives energy security to us. Diesel fuel is one of the most noticeable sources of nitrogen oxide which is very harmful to mankind. Our aim to make this world better place to live in sends a thousand messages. One of it is to choose what is beneficial to our environment. The petroleum and diesel engines contribute to poor health and global warming

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 01/25/2012
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