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the Most Popular Lawyer Car

Published at 02/27/2012 19:14:31


It is hard to single out car model that befits all lawyers but most popular lawyer car has to be a symbol of status. Lawyers are held in high esteem. They are consideration at the same level middle and senior management professionals who buy vehicles with high level of comfort. This lot also likes high performance cars.

Apart from the personal preferences, the career point of the lawyers dictate the kind of cars that they choose to buy. The most popular lawyer cars are in the following categories:

A: The first category is the popular car for a lawyer practicing within the first year of graduating from a law school.

B: Cars preferred by a lawyer after practicing for 5-10 years. This is usually one of the expensive possessions bought by lawyers at this stage.

C: Cars that are popular with lawyers who are partners in big law firms.

D: Cars that are Popular for lawyers who have reached the highest stages in the profession.


Executive cars are popular with lawyers. They used first in Britain in 1960s. British executive cars are among the most popular makes in the executive vehicle sector. Some of the models such as the Jaguar have existed for years. It has been an executive car for over eight decades. Apart from Britain, Germany, France Japan and Sweden also build executive vehicles.

British executive cars are known for their quality and luxurious driving experience. France makes executive cars that are comfortable for long journeys. Technological innovations characterize the French car companies. Citroen is the symbol for long lasting French executive cars.

Sweden has been building reliable, comfortable executive cars with high safety level such as Saab and Volvo, which are popular with lawyers.

Germany has been building upper middle class executive cars that are popular with the prominent lawyers in different parts of the world. Mercedes, BMW and Audi are popular models with top lawyers practicing at different parts of the world.

Japan has been building reliable vehicles that are not all about displaying wealth and status. The Japanese models are about customer satisfaction but Lexus has the traditional luxury and comfort of European executive models.


The traditional executive types of cars popular with lawyers are 4 door saloons although there are some who prefer Estates. Estates have more load capacity and versatility to accommodate family needs.

The most popular lawyer car for those who just started working is a model that they enjoy driving after a hard day at work. The popular car for lawyers within their first years after graduating are either used but clean high end vehicles or brand new low end vehicle. BMW 3 Series and Mercedes are the dream cars with lawyers at this stage.

Lawyers who have successfully worked for more than five years buy bigger high performance cars along the range of Range Rover. They look for cars that are luxurious and spacious. The luxury cars are great for work and holiday trips.

Lawyers who are partners in successful law firms usually buy the latest models of luxury cars that are rare to find on the roads. Other partners opt to keep old luxury vehicles as they have the money to maintain them in top condition.

Tips and comments

  1. Lawyers make good money, but it is important for them to visit various showrooms to compare the car models on sale in terms of features and prices. This helps them to pick the suitable car.
  2. It is essential to arrange for financing with a good lender as the terms are friendlier than when the dealer chooses the financiers.


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