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How To Get the Best Car Prices Used

Published at 03/26/2012 02:47:32


Buying and selling used cars has grown rapidly and established itself as a billion-dollar market. As business grows, competition tightens and dealers slash prices to pull in customers. It doesnt matter whether you are interested in selling or buying a used car. Studying the market for used car prices is vital in striking that perfect deal.

Step 1

Before you venture into the market, its important that you are familiar with the Kelley Blue Book Value. This term represents the moving price for buying or selling used cars taking into account the current market conditions.

Step 2

Used car prices vary from dealer to dealer. There are thousands of online stores and hundreds of showrooms to consider, if you are interested in getting the best used car price for your vehicle.

Step 3

Used car prices market can be broadly classified into three main groups. Understanding them will take you one step closer in securing the best used car prices.

Step 4

Private parties like your next door neighbor or people living in the nearby county come under this group. Since there are no third parties involved, most economically used car price deals are negotiated within this group. A word of caution, a deal made with people in this group wont guarantee you a maintenance free vehicle.

Step 5

Used car prices will be slightly higher when dealing with car dealerships and other retailers. The golden word in securing the best used car prices while dealing with a retailer is, negotiation. Never go for the initial used car prices that they offer or put forward. You will succeed in adding or subtracting a couple of hundred dollars after a successful negotiation.

Tips and comments

Certified pre-owned are the safest because the dealer has painstakingly checked and repaired each and every defect the vehicle had. These vehicles usually come with six months to one year no maintenance warranty. The only drawback while dealing with this group is that, used car prices will be the highest.

An person with limited budget can easily become a car owner if he opts to buy a used car. Before you sign a deal verify that all the paperwork is in order. Ask for the vehicle history and verified the purchase details, the registration details and the insurance details. Make sure the car was not involved in any road traffic accidents. The worst-case scenario is when someone tries to sell you a vehicle which has a rental service history, and hides that fact from you. Rental cars usually have a shabby maintenance history and the replacement parts used are seldom genuine.

Regardless of how you decide to make your vehicle purchase, being smart and having a thorough knowledge about the cars history will help you seal the best deal for a used car. Think twice before you put your money down on a car.


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