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Tips For Young Car Drivers


Besides the difficulties that young car drivers encounter every time they are in traffic, they are challenged again when they try to insure their vehicles. Given the high rate of accidents during the first driving year of the young people insurance companies treat the young car drivers differently and ask bigger premiums for this category of clients. If the regular insurances are generally considered a burden or the second biggest expense that we have to pay after the living stipend let alone about the young car drivers insurances which are more expensive.

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As the young ones are not yet financially independent, there might be difficult for them to insure their car. Still, there is a solution for everything. So here are some tips for young car drivers who want to minimize the cost of insuring their vehicles.
Make researches about the quotes practiced by different insurance companies. Given the tough competition in this segment of the financial market, it is not uncommon to find the same product at different prices, so get informed if you want a cheap insurance.

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Also, make use of the online insurance quote simulators or calculators which almost all reputable insurers provide on their websites. By introducing a few data about your car, like engine capacity, mileage and others you will get an idea about the amount of money to fork out.

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You can even contact an insurance agent through e-mail if you want to get a quote or you can subscribe to receive newsletters with the best prices on the market or the latest changes concerning insurance policies for young car drivers that you can use to your advantage.

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Even though it is hard to resist the temptation of fancy cars with high running speed, young car drivers should consider insuring a car with a less powerful engine because these are considered less risky, thus less expensive to cover. Also, cars with airbags or other facilities which raise the level of safety obtain better quotes.

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A new practice among the insurers is to offer discount for the young car drivers who are still in school. Moreover, students with high school performance are offered better rates because their school behavior indicates how responsible they are. A fact which translates into the possibility of making a claim. So if your school grades are good, feel free to ask your insurer about this option.
Another useful tip to cut down the insurance expenses would be to prove the insurance agent that you are good and cautious when you are behind the wheel. Therefore apply for advanced driving lessons like Pass Plus test, defense driving lessons or others like these.
As the young car drivers don’t usually cover great distances, it might be ideal to opt for a coverage which considers your annual mileage because the lower your annual mileage is the best premium you obtain.


All this said, instead of being encouraged to drive and become experienced young car drivers, they are discouraged immediately they obtain the driving license by the insurance companies asking for higher premiums. Still, with the tips mentioned above. They can overcome this challenge and enjoy the driving the time.

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By stephen cunanan, published at 03/12/2012
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