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All the automobile manufacturers do new and used car sales through their authorized dealers. Car manufacturers set up large networks of authorized dealers for selling their new and used car. New and used car sale is also done through online automobile stores. All the car manufacturers and their dealers have tie-ups with various online stores for selling new and used car. Online stores provide huge discount on new and used car that are procured directly from the car manufacturers. The 2011 Maybach 62 S Sedan is available in new as well as used car sale.

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The 2011 Maybach 62 S Sedan has 6 liter V12 engine and it has single overhead cam. The engine of this 2011 Maybach has 36 valves. This Maybach 62 S Sedan has three place rear seating and brake drying. This Sedan model has DISTRONIC adaptive cruise control and emergency braking preparation. The engine of this 62 S Sedan has turning circle of 48.6 ft. This Maybach 62 S Sedan has electric sliding fabric curtains for rear door Windows and premium leather. This car model has intercom system and emergency interior trunk release. This Sedan model has external communicator and refrigerator in rear center console.

This Maybach Sedan has five-speed automatic transmission and partition wall with power curtain. This 2011 S Sedan has three-stage active ventilated front and rear seats. This Sedan is a rear wheel drive and it has electro-transparent glass roof with integrated solar powered ventilation system. The fuel tank in this Sedan is of 29.1 gallons and it has self leveling head lights. This Maybach Sedan has 159.8 cubic ft of EPA interior volume and it has option of vehicle alarm notification.

By subscribing to mbrace service the owner of this Sedan can get some amazing options and services. This Sedan model has airbag deployment notification and solar module for solar powered cabin ventilation system. This Maybach Sedan has 6340 lbs of curb weight and it has post-collision safety system. This Sedan model has stolen vehicle tracking system and it has 150.7 inch of wheel base. This Maybach model has 7451 lbs of gross weight and it has 20 inch eleven-spoke light alloy wheels.

This car has ten-way power driver and passenger seat as well as emergency service. This Maybach Sedan has 19 inch ten-hole forged light-alloy wheels and it has 14.9 cubic ft of maximum cargo space. The width of this Sedan model is 78 inch and it has destination guidance as well as turn by turn navigation. This Maybach Sedan has roadside assistance and keyless-go. The length of this Maybach Sedan is 242.7 inch and it also has concierge service. The 2011 Maybach 62 S Sedan has EPA estimated mileage of 16 mpg on the highway and 10 mpg in the city.

This Sedan has audio controls on steering wheel and it also has destination download. The height of this Maybach Sedan is 62 inch and it has drag coefficient of 0.31. This car has reclining rear seats and its engine generates torque and power of 738 ft-lbs and 620 horsepower respectively. 


Used cars can also be bought directly from an person but such deals are very risky because one can't predict the quality of the used car. If you buy a used car through an authorized dealer or an online car store then you will get one year warranty on the used car because all the used cars are certified.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 03/19/2012
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