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Do ever have a dream to have your own car? I’m sure most of us do. But before you actually go car shopping, you might first want to learn some tried-and-tested tips when shopping for a car.

It can be pretty challenging to buy a car, whether it's your first or not, as there seems to be ton loads of information you should know before you head off to go car shopping. It will save you a great deal of money by determining what you really want or need prior to doing rounds to car dealers and go car shopping. Don’t just easily be seduced by flashy sports cars that may not seem practical if you already have a family.

When you have set your mind to go car shopping, choose whether you want to have a used car or a brand new one. Of course, there will always be pros and cons on both sides so weigh your options very well.

Is there a best time to buy a car?

Good news, there is a best time to go car buying; every end of December is typically considered the best time to buy a car. Due to the Christmas holiday season, car buyers are likely to buy cars as Christmas present which ultimately motivates car dealers to slash their prices to bring in more sales.

Months of July to October is another great time to go car shopping as this is the time that car dealer companies will sell off their old car models at bargain prices to give more space for newer models. You can even lower the cost when you have a rebate. You can just haggle with your car dealer to forego with the holdback, any car dealer or car manufacturer incentives, and significantly drop off the ad fees and dealer prep. This type of promotion can crop up any time, so make sure to look out for rebates and other hidden incentives.

Never fall for those “sweet talk”

Most of the typical car dealer scam occurs after you decided to go car shopping. This is the time when your car salesman will attempt to convince you to pay several other charges which could run from a thousand or so dollars. You don’t have to fall for their scheming tactics. If you both already agreed to a specific price, you should stick to it. If you feel that you’ve been cheated out of your original agreement, then don't be embarrassed to walk away from that deal. It's your money after all; you wouldn’t want to give it away just like that.

So now you found your dream car, how do you pay for it?

For most car buyers, they buy their car by giving out a down payment and pay the remaining balance in monthly installments until it’s fully paid. As with any loan, you need to pay for the interest as well. The low Annual Percentage Rates (APR) advertised by most car companies and dealers are actually interest rates that the car dealer charges on top of the financing. Usually, the low APR is only for people with excellent credit history or they could be an introductory rate, which simply means that they’ll go up thereafter.



By Ignat Victor, published at 03/20/2012
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