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How To Get External 1Tb Hard Drive

Published at 03/26/2012 22:16:48


So, you have run out of space to store your monumental collection of films, dramas, songs, files, pictures and programs? Found your 500 GB (gigabyte), 640 GB and even your 750 GB hard drives are not big enough to store you collection of HD  (high definition) and Bluray movies? Well, it's time to get yourself an external 1tb hard drive.

An external 1TB hard drive is pretty much the go-to-hard drive right now, as they're cheap, fast, offer plenty of storage space and look cool.

Do not know how go about buying an external 1TB hard drive? Not sure what to do, or how to do it? Do not worry, we'll walk you through the process of buying an external 1TB hard drive in five easy to follow steps.



Step 1

The first step is to make sure what company you want to buy your 1 TB external hard drive from. Almost all the major companies sell 1 TB external hard drives, but only Hitachi, Western digital and Seagate make the best of the best.

They oddly enough, also make the cheapest ones, but they're nonetheless prices differently. Hitachi generally make fast but easily breakable ones, while Western Digital make ones with multiple options, but their USB wires start to become useless in about a year.

Seagate's 1 TB external hard drives on the other hand, are made well and are built to last, but they are a bit slower than either Hitachi's or Western Digital's.

Step 2

Second of all, you will need to decide whether you want a USB 3.0 connection or USB 2.0 connection. This depends mainly on your budget and laptop or desktop. If you have a post-2009 laptop, you probably have USB 3.0 connection, and if you do have it, then the extra price is worth the speed boost USB 3.0 provides.

If you have a pre-2009 laptop, chances are you'll be stuck with USB 2.0, which isn't to bad really. So figure what type of connection you have, and decide.



Step 3

The third step is deciding whether you want a rugged 1TB external hard drive  or not. If you cannot afford one, I strongly suggest you save up and get a rugged one. There is absolutely no telling when it will fall, get a shock, be kicked, stepped on, or eaten by a baby.


Step 4

The fourth step is research, you can look for a 1TB external hard drive online or at a local electronics or computer store. It is best to do research online first, find out what other people say about it, what common faults does it have (like Western Digital sub-par USB wires), and how the customer support is.

Once you're satisfied with the results of the research, it is onto the final step.

Step 5

Time to buy! You can either order it online, which is recommended, as you'll get the cheapest price and best offers online. But if you prefer to buy at a store, or do not have online shopping options, then it is better to go buy it at a store.




Treat you external hard drive gently, even if it is a rugged one.

Keep you warranty close by and handy.

Don not buy an external hard drive that has no warranty.


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