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How To Place Bumper Stickers on Your Car


Bumper stickers are an old invention. These are for the car. They are essentially stuck on the bumper of your car. The nature of these stickers ranges from political to comical to economical. Many campaigns print bumper stickers to promote their cause. When you put bumper stickers on your car, you are making a statement. There are different ways of putting a bumper sticker on your car. All of them are easy. You do not have to go through much trouble to get it on your car.

Step 1

Some people like to use their cars as a collector’s venue. Most of you like to put a lot of stickers on your car. One of the ways to put bumper stickers on is to use magnetic sheets. These are very easy to get from any store near you. Get the sticker, and then cut out the sheet of the same size as the sticker. When you put the magnetic sheet on your sticker, you can stick it onto any metal. This means you can stick it onto your car, your fridge, your mailbox or any other metallic item. This you can do at your own convenience.

Step 2

Another way to get a bumper sticker on your car is through using glue. This is a more messy process. You will get your hands and the area messy. This makes it hard to put it on your car. There are different ways you can use to get a bumper sticker on. But these two are the most used methods. If you are not experienced with using glue, use the magnetic strips.

Step 3

Bumper stickers are a statement of your personality. As your statements change so do your bumper stickers. At times it becomes very tedious to remove the sticker off from your car. However, the bumper stickers are not so hard to get off anymore. The invention of magnetic strips has made it easier for you to take off and put on your car, a bumper sticker.

Step 4

One way to take off a bumper sticker from on your car is to pull it off. This hurts your car paint. It also leaves a mark of the glue behind. Other than that you will not be able to put on another bumper sticker. This will also make a mess of your car. For this reason you should look towards different products which are available for this purpose only.

Step 5

You can use a hair dryer to help you pull off bumper stickers on your car. Use your blow dryer approximately 6 inches away from your bumper sticker. Blow hot air on it for a few minutes. Then use your nail to scratch away a corner. If it comes off easy keep pulling it away. However, keep blowing air on it also. if the sticker doesn’t come off easy, then you should blow air on it for a longer period.


Getting a bumper sticker on or off your car is not a difficult from your car. Either method you use for putting a bumper sticker on your car, you can easily get it off. It is also one of the best ways of making a statement. This is a whole canvas for you to decorate with your thoughts.

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