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How To Remove a Sticker From Your Skin


Fashion encourages people to do a lot of crazy things one can’t even imagine of doing in daily life on a normal basis. Although the skin of a human is very sensitive, people continuously experiment with it, at times by piercing it, putting various kinds of makeup on it or adorning it with a sticker. Stickers are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, qualities and themes. You can put them on any body part you like. The tricky part is how to get them off without damaging the surface of your skin because many of them do not come in high quality and cause irritation if not removed in the proper time. The following are some methods to remove a sticker safely.

Step 1

One of the most easy and useful ways to remove it from your skin is with the help of baby oil. If you do not have access to baby oil, any other form of cooking or hair oil can be used as a substitute. Baby oil has the essentials, which will not cause you harm. Take a dash of oil and apply it directly on the surface and sides of the sticker which will soften the stickiness. You can then pull it off easily. 

Step 2

It is not necessary to use baby or cooking oil. If handled carefully, WD 40, oil that comes in a spray can, can be used to remove stickers from the skin as well. Thoroughly spray the oil the part where the sticker is. Due to the slickness of the oil, the sticky substance will weaken which causes it to come off easily.

Step 3

Another method to remove it is by the use of alcohol. It is commonly known as isopropyl and helps you to remove it from your skin. Dab some alcohol on the surface of a dry cloth and apply it on the sides of the sticker. It can cause your skin to become a little bit dry, but it can be fixed with help of moisturizer. Because of the dampness of alcohol, the sticky label will fall off by itself.

Step 4

Water and soap are good substances to help remove the stickers as well. Directly put the skin on which the sticker is stuck and rub it with soap. As soon as it gets soggy, it will detach. You can take off the stickiness by washing the area with more soap and water.

Step 5

Heating is a good solution to get rid of stickers as well. Take a blow dryer and directly apply heat to the surface of skin on which the sticker is. Due to the heat, the sticky substance will lose its strength and you can pull the label off easily. One has to be careful not to overheat or it can cause burns.


Baby oil, vegetable oils and hair oils are readily available in market. Alcohol should be kept away from delicate skin surfaces, eyes and mouth and rubbed directly of the sticker. If the sticker is extremely hard to remove from the skin one should repeat the above mentioned methods continuously in order to get rid of them.

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