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Looking for a good auto mechanic is just like trying to find a pin in a haystack. The reason is that we don’t really understand their worth until our car breaks down. It is a fact that a car goes under degradation over time and needs to have its maintenance and checking. A small defect that you notice during the drive or when you start your engine must be nipped in the bud or else may develop into something serious. This is where auto mechanics come in, sometimes also called car mechanics or motor mechanics. They provide you not only with quality car service but also help in regular maintenance and check up of your car. Getting car services from an auto mechanic is a stitch in time that saves nine, as they not just help service your car but also give you advice on numerous other issues that your car may be facing, especially those that you were not aware of.


Auto mechanics have witnessed an evolution in their services. With technology rapidly changing our lives, its influence can be felt in the auto mechanics services too. With systems integrated with their functions and computers with software for better car services, auto mechanic profession is totally revolutionized. With car manufactures creating enhanced and with far more superior cars, the role of auto mechanics has become adaptable to their car specifications. Technicians and auto mobile workers have now adapted to complex mechanism or the cars that are being developed. Most mechanic shops get themselves certified from the American Automobile Association or AAA. Auto mechanics get themselves accredited from the automotive service excellence or ASE.


The most common car services the auto mechanics provide to motorists are the check up and regular maintenance like oil change and tire balance and rotation. They also diagnose car problems that happen to be more complex and incomprehensible for the driver. Taking preventive actions for your car is also the responsibility of the mechanic who must check them during the regular maintenance checkups. When the owner complains about the car performance, they run a diagnosis on it. Most of the times they will do it based on the knowledge they have gained from experience. But nowadays many mechanics have specialized equipment to do so. They will first try to evaluate the condition of the car components all together and then run a diagnosis on each component separately. This will let them isolate the problem to the component that seems to be problematic. During their checkups, many mechanics help in lubricating engines and other components of the car. They also give advice about worn out parts and replace them for you. They are basically following a checklist that they use to not miss anything.

Tips and comments

Car service is very important for the performance of your car. Remember that for specific cars you can get specialized help and mechanics. Just keep in mind that mechanics need to be judged based on their reputation and certification and not on the size of their shops and gadgets.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/23/2012
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Services Car Mechanics Offer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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