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There are many dealers of used cars and this is the reason why it is very difficult to sell used cars to the consumers. Used car market is growing rapidly and this is why all the car manufacturers are selling their used cars through their authorized dealers. The used car market has become very saturated because of entry of all the car manufacturers. The dealers of used cars have to constantly devise new strategies to attract consumers for selling their used cars. Here are the eight important tips for all the dealers of used cars.

Step 1

The first tip is, you should become authorized dealers of used cars to increase sales. Authorized dealers of used cars only sell certified cars which are considered as mark of high quality because all the used cars are tested by the manufacturers before certifying it. All certified cars come with warranty of one or two years.

The second tip is, dealers of used cars should provide finance option for used cars. Not everyone can make full payment for a used car so if as a dealer you provide loan option at a low interest rate then you can sell many certified used cars. It is a proven fact that more then 70 percent people opt for car loan.

The third tip is, dealers of used cars should provide EMI option. Some people don’t like to take car loan but they prefer to pay the cost of the car in small easy monthly installments, so as a used car dealer if you want to increase sales of your used car then provide EMI option to your customers.

The fourth tip is, dealers of used cars should provide the best before-sales service to all the prospective customers. Before-sales service is the first and the most important step which leads to sale of used cars. You should have adequate and friendly customer support staff who can handle all kinds of customer queries. To increase sales of your used cars, you should have great team of tele-callers who can day-in and day-out generate leads for selling your used cars.

The fifth tip is, dealers of used cars should have outstanding after-sales service. Consumers always look to buy a used car from those dealers who provide the best after-sales service for servicing and maintenance of a car. As a dealer, you should have very large network of service centers that are spread all around the country.

The sixth tip is, all the dealers of used cars should hire knowledgeable technical and sales staff who can properly guide the customers.

The seventh tip is, the dealers of used cars should provide the best price then their competitors on all the used cars to attract more customers. Selling top quality used cars at a low price will increase sales of your used cars.

The eighth tip is, as a used car dealer you should not cheat the customers because it will give you bad publicity in the automobile market. To become a brand name in the automobile industry, you should only use ethical means to sell your used cars.

Follow all the above eight tips, if you want to succeed as a used car dealer.

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By HANIF QAZI, published at 04/02/2012
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