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How To Find a Used Car For Sale

Published at 04/01/2012 23:47:25


To find used car for sale, you should have the address of a used car dealer. You can find the address of any used car dealer through the internet. Google search engine is the best way to find used car for sale. Through Google you will find plenty of used car dealers through whom you can find top quality used car for sale.

Step 1

Through various online auto stores, you can easily find used car for sale. You can also find used car for sale, through online classifieds. Through online classifieds, car owners directly sell their car, so keep a tab on various online classifieds. You can get the address of authorized used car dealers through the website of various car manufacturers. Let us check the two best-selling used cars.

Step 2

The 1994 Honda Del Sol S Coupe is the best used car for sale in the global automobile market. This used 1994 Del Sol has I-4 102-HP engine which is 1.5 liter in size. This used 1994 car has 93.2 inch of wheel base and the engine of this used 1994 Sol has sixteen valves. The external body width of this 1994 Sol S is 66.6 inch and it has carpeted cargo space.

Step 3

This used S Coupe has external height of 49.5 inch and its engine generates 97 lb.-ft of torque. This used 1994 Del Sol has twelve gallons of fuel tank and the engine of this 1994 S Coupe has displacement of 92 cubic inch. This 1994 Del Sol has reclining seat and it has 157.2 inch of external length. This used S Coupe has four-speed automatic gear-box and it has city fuel economy of 34 mpg. This used 1994 Del car has highway fuel economy of 40 mpg and it has chrome door mirrors. This is an awesome used car for sale, so buy it now.

Step 4

Another top-class used car for sale is the 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L. This used 2011 Pilot model has V-6 250-HP engine which has displacement of 211 cubic inch. This used Pilot EX-L has five-speed automatic transmission and its engine produces torque of 252 lbs.-ft. This used 2011 Pilot has 0.77 g of lateral acceleration and the fuel tank of this used 2011 EX-L model is of 20.9 gallons.

Step 5

The total weight of this used Pilot EX-L is 6096 lbs. and it has oil cooler for heavy-duty transmission. This used 2011 Pilot has permanently locked hubs and its engine has single overhead shaft. This used 2011 EX-L model has 4544 lbs. of curb weight and it takes 7.19 seconds to cover zero to sixty miles per hour.

The engine of this used 2011 Pilot has twenty-four valves and it has very heavy duty radiator. This used 2011 Pilot EX-L model has sixteen mpg of city fuel economy and it is an automatic 4-wheel drive. This used Pilot has 10.51 to 1 compression ratio and it has stainless steel exhaust. This used 2011 EX-L model has 0 36 drag coefficient and it has highway fuel economy of 23 mpg. Buy this used car for sale from any used Honda car dealer.

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