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How To Find a For Sale Used Car


To find used car for sale, you should first of all know a used car dealer. Through any friend or a relative, you can find a used car for sale. Someone in your neighborhood can also help you to find a used car for sale. There are many online auto-stores through which you can easily find a used car for sale. To find online auto-stores just search them through any search engine on the internet.

Step 1

You can also search a used car dealer in your city through the internet. The best way to track a used car dealer is through the website of a car manufacturer. You can also search website of all the car manufacturers through the internet. All the authorized dealers have certified used car for sale.

Step 2

The best used car for sale is the used 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan. This used 2006 Sedan has V-6 253-HP engine which is of two-liter. The engine of this used Accord has single over-head cam-shaft and it has 182 cubic inch of displacement. This used 2006 Hybrid Sedan has 0.81 g of lateral acceleration and it is a front wheel drive. This used 2006 model completes slalom in sixty miles per hour and it has five-speed automatic gear transmission.

Step 3

In 15.54 seconds, this 2006 Accord Hybrid travels at 90.75 mph to cover quarter mile. This used 2006 car has battery pack modules and stainless steel exhaust. The engine of this used Accord Hybrid produces torque of 231 lbs.-ft and it has battery pack made-up of nickel metal hydride. The engine of this used 2006 Sedan has twenty-four valves and it has gas pressurized shocks in front and at the rear. In 7.22 seconds, this used 2006 car travels zero to sixty miles per hour. So buy this used car for sale from any authorized used Honda dealer.

Step 4

The used 2011 Honda CR-Z model is another best used car for sale. This used 2011 CR-Z model has I-4 113-HP engine which is of 1.5 liter in capacity. This used 2011 model has vented front disc brakes and it has ninety-six inch of wheel base.

Step 5

This used 2011 CR-Z has exhaust made up of stainless steel and the inside cargo capacity in this used CR-Z model is 25.2 cubic ft. This used 2011 Honda has axle ratio of 4.11 and it has 340 ampere battery. The overall height of this 2011 CR-Z model is 54.8 inch and it has disc brakes. This used 2011 Honda CR-Z has sixteen-inch of silver aluminum wheels and it has 3164 lbs of gross weight.

This used CR-Z can handle passenger capacity of forty-nine cubic ft. and it has six-speed manual transmission. This used 2011 CR-Z model has hybrid electric motor alternator and it has 10.7 gallons of fuel tank. This used model has front anti-roll bar and it has 36.8 inch of front head area. This used CR-Z has 42.6 inch of front leg area and it has shocks which are gas-pressurized. You can buy this used car for sale through any online auto-store.

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