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The Best Car For Young Drivers


Having your own car is one of the most fulfilling moments you’ll ever experience. Nowadays, young people are becoming more eager to having their own cars as compared to recent years. In finding the best young drivers car, here are the factors that we you need to consider.

Step 1

Quality and Performance

In any invest that we people make, one factor that should not be overlooked is the quality of the product. In choosing a young drivers car, quality of the vehicle must not be compromised. Making sure that the car is in great condition is a must. Test driving a car is one of the best ways to gauge or measure its quality and level of performance.

Step 2

Safety and Reliability

Since most young drivers lack road experience, it is crucial that you purchase a car that is known for its safety and reliability. Give extra attention to its safety features. Cars with electronic stability control and safety airbags are always good prospects. Inquiring of the crash-test results of the vehicle is also important in making a decision to buy. It’s always a wise thing to prioritize the safety and protection of the driver.

Step 3

Size and built

Generally, bigger and heavier vehicles like the SUV have better results in the crash test as compared to smaller, leaner vehicles. However, big vehicles tend to have a problem in terms of handling. It is much difficult to wield and maneuver bulky vehicles compared to small vehicles which are easier to handle and drive. Also, bigger vehicles consume more fuel, therefore, more expensive and could significantly affect your budget. The biggest concern with large vehicles is that it encourages the driver to drive plenty of passengers which according to research increases the possibility of accidents especially to young drivers. While SUV’s are not advisable for young drivers, sports cars are also not recommended as a young driver’s car. It’s built prompts the driver to speed up and accelerate making it more prone to accidents as compared to any other cars.

Step 4

Availability of car parts

Break downs and repairs are but normal and ordinary to a car’s life. At some point, no matter how well we take care of your vehicle, things like this will occur. When these things do happen, it is important that we can get our needed car parts immediately. You will want to avoid the trouble of not having your needed car parts available. You should consider buying a car which have available parts in case replacements are required.


Price and warranties

The cost or value of young drivers car is one factor that could not be neglected. See to it that you don’t overspend and make sure that you work within your budget. There are a lot of cars that have good features but aren’t necessarily that expensive. Visit different car dealer shops and do canvassing to compare prices and get the best quotations. Warranties are usually stated in the quotations. Carefully study the warranties and choose which car warranties would give you the most benefits.

Sources and Citations

Choosing a young drivers car is never a walk or in this case, a drive in the park. Young, especially, first-time drivers have distinctive needs as they begin a life of responsibility and ownership. We must be very careful and take everything into consideration before buying a young driver’s car. But most importantly, more than the car, the best way to prepare the young driver is to teach him the responsibilities and accountabilities of driving a car.

By Rodel, published at 03/06/2012
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The Best Car For Young Drivers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.